Investigación en Cifras

Scientific production

UNAB recognizes that research, defined as the systematic and methodical search for new knowledge, helping to strengthen intellectual rigor, reasoning ability and quality of knowledge transmitted in teaching, as well as provides the environment and tools for the generation of innovations that our society requires. As a result, the University Andres Bello is inserted through its researchers, in the country’s effort to build scientific capacity demand development contribution is revealed by the sustained increase in indexed publications and international recognition of its endeavor in this field.

Thus, UNAB has published 18 ISI articles in 2002, moving to 369 items in 2013, representing a real increase of 2.050%, having improved its productivity by 25% annually over the last 5 years. The same dynamic scientific productivity growth is seen in articles indexed in Scopus, from 29 items in 2002 to 384 in 2013.

figura 1figura 1_1

Furthermore, when reviewing the publications indexed in Scielo, organization that groups Latin American journals, particularly in disciplines such as humanities and social sciences, it can also be seen a strong increase: 6 articles in 2002 and 61 in 2013.

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Source: ISI Web of Science and Scopus (,

These figures translate, of course, in a significant and sustained improvement in national rankings based on scientific productivity. Thus, in 2002 UNAB was the thirteenth University in the country in ISI publications, and in 2013 came sixth.

ranking publicaciones isi
ranking publicaciones scopus

The success of the UNAB’s research is also evidenced by following its developments in international rankings as Scimago. By analyzing the 1476 Institutions of Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean included in this ranking, in terms of number of publications indexed in Scopus, in the last 5 years the location of UNAB has move to from place 137 to 106, ranking 7% higher.

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Mechanisms Supporting Research

The university, through the VRID, encourages research via different mechanisms to support its researchers and PhD students. The UNAB research grant funds are aimed at supporting the development of research projects, increased indexed publications and interdisciplinary work.

Internal funds

The economic effort of the institution to support the development of research through competitive funds in UNAB translates into an annual direct investment which is currently over USD $ 1M.

Year Amount  $ USD $
2009 372.239.028 664.713
2010 446.819.984 797.893
2011 468.783.731 837.114
2012 633.623.716 1.131.471
2013 636.125.032 1.135.938
2014 627.336.740 1.120.244

External Funds

La investigación desarrollada en la UNAB se encuentra financiada principalmente a través de fondos externos entregados en base a concursos competitivos.  La participación de la UNAB en la captura de fondos concursables ha ido en aumento constante, logrando por ejemplo, una participación del 4,3% de los recursos asignados en el sistema FONDECYT en el año 2013, el cual considera la participación de 40 Instituciones de Educación Superior.

Adjudicación Proyectos FONDECYT
Año UNAB US $ Total Nacional US $ % UNAB v/s Nacional
2010 2.586 94.774 2,7%
2011 2.996 129.641 2,3%
2012 6.598 171.535 3,8%
2013 9.154 211.403 4,3%
Año Monto total CHL $ US$
2010 2.280.605.340 4.072.510
2011 3.546.742.254 6.333.468
2012 4.860.382.098 8.679.254
2013 9.409.228.064 16.802.193