Publicaciones ISI 2003

 AutoresNombre paperNombre revista o libroFacultad
1Eduardo Chamorro , Jairo Quijano, Rafael Notario, Claudia Sánchez, Luis A. León, Gabriel ChuchaniTheoretical study of the thermolysis reaction of b-Hydroxynitriles in the gas phaseInternational Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 91 (5): 618-625Ciencias Exactas
2Alvarez M, Quezada C, Navarro C, Molina A, Bouvet P, Krauskopf M, Vera MI.An increased expression of nucleolin is associated with a physiological nucleolar segregationBiochem Biophys Res CommunCiencias Biológicas
3E. Chamorro, P. Fuentealba, A. SavinElectrón probability distribution in AIM and ELF basinsJournal of Computational Chemistry 24 (4): 496-504Ciencias Exactas
4Rafael Notario, Jairo Quijano, Luis A. León, Claudia Sánchez, J. Camilo Quijano, Gustavo Alarcón, Eduardo Chamorro y Gabriel ChuchaniTheorical study of the gas-phase decomposition of neutral a-amino acid ethyl esters. Part 2-Elimination of ethyl picolinate and ethyl 1-methylpipecolinateJournal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 16 (3): 166-174.Ciencias Exactas
5E. ChamorroThe nature of bonding in pericyclic and pseudopericyclic transition states: Termal chelotropic decarbonylationsJournal of Chemical Physics, 118 (19): 8687-8698Ciencias Exactas
6E.Chamorro, P.K. Chattaraj, P. Fuentealba.Variation of the electrophilicity Index along the reaction pathJ. Phys. A. 107 (36): 7068-7072Ciencias Exactas
7E. ChamorroA complementary view to the bonding pattern in the N5+ cation: An electron localization function and local temperature analysisThe Journal of Chilean Chemical Society, 48 (4): 63-67Ciencias Exactas
8Ramiro Arratia-Pérez y Lucía Hernández-AcevedoCalculated paramagnetic resonance parameters (g, A hfi) of the Re6S8Br3-6, Re6S813-6, and Re6S813-6 cluster ionsJournal of Chemical Physics 118 (16): 7425-7430Ciencias Exactas
9L. Hernández-Acevedo and R. Arratia-PérezRelativistic electronic structure of molecular precursors: The case of the [Re6Q8(CN)6 4-/Re6Q8(CN)6 3-] (Q=S, Se) redox cuplesJournal of Chilean Chemical Society, 48 (4): 125-128Ciencias Exactas
10Patricia Pérez, Luis R. Domingo, M.José Aurell y Renato ContrerasQuantitative characterization of global electrophilicity pattern of some reagents involved in 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactionsTetrahedron 59 (17): 3117-3125Ciencias Exactas
11Luis R. Domingo, M. José Aurell, Patricia Pérez and Renato ContrerasOrigin of the Synchronicity on the Transition Structures of Polar Diels-Alder Reactions. Are these reactions [4+2] Processes?Journal of Organic Chemistry, 68 (10): 3884-3890Ciencias Exactas
12Patricia PérezTheoretical evaluation of the global and local electrophilicity patterns of singlet carbenesJournal of Physical Chemistry A. 107 (4): 522-525Ciencias Exactas
13Arriagada, AA; Diaz, AA; Estrada, JM; Ronco, AM; Fernandez, AThe effect of exogenous hormonal treatment on egg quality of Chilean flounder (Paralichthys adspersus)FISH PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRYCiencias Naturales
14L.R. Domingo, P. Pérez and R. ContrerasElectronic contributions to the s p parameter of Hammett EquationJournal of Organic Chemistry 68 (15): 6060-6062Ciencias Exactas
15Claudio Escobar, Carlos Escobar, Antonieta Labra and Hermann M. NiemeyerChemical composition of precloacal secretions of two liolaemus Fabián populations: are they different?Journal of Chemical Ecology, Vol. 29 (3): 629-638Ciencias Naturales
16Clemens Altaner, Bodo Saake, Maija Tenkanen, Jaime Eyzaguirre, Craig B. Faulds, Peter Biely, Liisa Viikari, Matti Siika-aho, Jürgen PulsRegioselective deacetylation of cellulose acetates by acetyl xylan esterases of different CE-familiesJournal of Biotechnology 105, (1-2): 95-104
17Marcela Carvallo, Pablo de Ioannes, Claudio Navarro, Renato Chavez, Alessandra Peirano, Paulina Bull and Jaime EyzaguirreCharacterization of an a-L-arabinofuranosidase gene (abf1) from Penicillium purpurogenum and its expressionMycolological Research 107 (4): 388-394, (April 2003)Artes y Humanidades
18Maija Tenkanen, Jaime Eyzaguirre, Riita Isoniemi, Craig B. Faulds, and Peter BielyComparison of Catalytic Properties of Acetyl Xylan Esterases from Three Carbohydrate Esterases FamiliesAplicattion of Enzymes to Lignocellulosics ACS Symposium series 855: 211-229
19Gonzalo HernándezTwo-Dimensional Model for Binary Fragmentation Process with Random System of Forces, Random Stopping and Material ResistanceJournal Physica A-Statiscal Mechanics and its Applications, 323: 1-8Ingeniería
20María Inés Vera, Alfredo Molina, Rodrigo Pinto, Mauricio Reyes, Marco Alvarez, Erwin Krauskopf, Claudia Quezada, Jorge Torres and Manuel KrauskopfGenomic organization of the rDNA cistron of the teleost fish Cyprinus carpioBiological Research, 36 (2): 241-251, 2003.Ciencias Biológicas
21Marco Alvarez, Claudia Quezada, Cristina Navarro, Alfredo Molina, Phillipe Bouvet, Manuel Krauskopf and M.I. Vera.An increased expresión of nucleolin is associated with a physiological nucleolar segregationBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 301 (1): 152-158. 2003Ciencias de la Salud
22Rodolfo Medina, Ana María Meneses, Juan Carlos Vera, Catherine Guzmán, Francisco Nualart, Allison Astuya, María de los Angeles García, Sumie Kato, Andrés Carvajal, Mauricio Pinto and Gareth Owen.Estrogen and Progesterone Up-regulate glucose transporter expression in ZR-75-1 Human Breast Cancer CellsEndocrinology, 144 (10): 4527-4535Ciencias Biológicas
23Rodolfo Medina, Evelyn Aranda, Cesar Verdugo, Sumie Kato and Gareth Owen.The action of ovarian hormones in cardiovascular diseaseBiological Research 36 (3-4): 325-341, 2003Ciencias Biológicas
24Jaime Montealegre, Rodrigo Reyes, Luz María Pérez, Rodrigo Herrera, Polyana Silva y Ximena Besoaín.Selection of bioantagonistic bacteria to be used in biological control of Rhizoctonia solani in tomatoElectronic Journal of Biotechnology, 6 (2): 115-127Ciencias de la Salud
25Nora Fanta, Ximena Ortega and Luz María PérezThe development of Alternaria alternata is prevented by chitinases and b-1,3- glucanases from Citrus limon seedlingsBiological Research, 36 (3-4): 411-420, 2003Ciencias de la Salud
26Nicole Tischler, Jorge Fernández, Ilse Müller, Rodrigo Martínez, Héctor Galeno, Eliécer Villagra, Judith Mora, Eugenio Ramírez, Mario Rosemblatt and Pablo ValenzuelaComplete séquense of the genome of the human isolate of Andes virus CHI-7913: comparative séquense and protein structure análisisBiological Research 36 (2): 201-210, 2003
27Rodrigo ArosThe horizon and its charges in the first order gravityJournal of High Energy Physics (4): 024, 2003Ciencias Exactas
28Rodrigo Aros, Mauricio Contreras y Jorge ZanelliPath integral measure for first order and metric gravities”Classical and Quantum Gravity, 20 (13): 2937-2944, 2003.Ciencias Exactas
29Rodrigo Aros, Cristian Martínez, Ricardo Troncoso and Jorge ZanelliQuasinormal modes for massless topological black holesPhysical Review D 67 (4): 044014, 2003Ciencias Exactas
30Bustamante MD, Hojman SAMulti-Lagrangians, hereditary operators and Lax pairs for the Korteweg-de Vries positive and negative hierarchiesJournal of Mathematical Physics, 44 (10): 4652-4671, Oct. 2003Educación
31Bustamante MD, Hojman SA.Lagragian structures, integrability and chaos for 3D dynamical equationsJournal of Physics A-Mathematical and General, 36 (1): 151-160, Jan 10, 2003Educación
32Krauskopf ManuelThe lack of adequate recognition of existing skills affects scientific development in ChileBiological Research, 36 (2): 139-140, 2003Ciencias Biológicas