Publicaciones ISI 2005

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1Bucarey, SA; Villagra, NA; Martinic, MP; Trombert, AN; Santiviago, CA; Maulen, NP; Youderian, P; Mora, GCThe Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi tsx Gene, Encoding a Nucleoside-Specific Porin, Is Essential for Prototrophic Growth in the Absence of NucleosidesINFECTION AND IMMUNITY  (Vol.73): 6210 - 6219Ciencias Biológicas
2Pulgar, JM; Bozinovic, F; Ojeda, FPLocal distribution and thermal ecology of two intertidal fishesOecología (Vol.142):511-520Ciencias de la Salud
3Lamsabhi, AM; Escobar, CA; Perez, PDo substituents make any contribution to the formation of systems where the electronic effects seem to be neutralized? The case of the indigo dye formationJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (Vol. 18):1161 -1168Ciencias Exactas
4Chamorro, E; Escobar, CA; Sienra, R; Perez, PEmpirical energy - Density relationships applied to the analysis of the basicity of strong organic superbasesJOURNAL  OF  PHYSICAL  CHEMISTRY A (Vol. 109):10068 - 10076Ciencias Exactas
5Campuzano, C; del Campo, S; Herrera, RCurvaton reheating in tachyonic braneworld inflationPHYSICAL REVIEW D (Vol. 72):Art.  083515Ciencias Exactas
6Chandia, OD=4 pure spinor superstring and N=2 stringsJOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS: Art. 105Ciencias Exactas
7Chamorro, E; Duque, M; Cardenas, C; Santos, C; Tiznado, W; Fuentealba, PCondensation of the highest occupied molecular orbital within the electron localization function domainsJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES (Vol. 117):419 - 424Ciencias Exactas
8Tischler, ND; Gonzalez, A; Perez-Acle, T; Rosemblatt, M; Valenzuela, PDTHantavirus Gc glycoprotein: evidence for a class II fusion proteinJOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY (Vol. 86):2937 - 2947
9Pinto, R; Ivaldi, C; Reyes, M; Doyen, C; Mietton, F; Mongelard, F; Alvarez, M; Molina, A; Dimitrov, S; Krauskopf, M; Vera, MI; Bouvet, PSeasonal environmental changes regulate the expression of the histone variant macroH2A in an eurythermal fishFEBS LETTERS  (Vol. 579):5553 - 5558Ciencias Biológicas
10Rivas, M; Seeger, M; Holmes, DS; Jedlicki, EA lux-like quorum sensing system in the extreme acidophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH  (Vol. 38):283 - 297
11Baber, SR; Deng, WW; Rodriguez, J; Master, RG; Bivalacqua, TJ; Hyman, AL; Kadowitz, PJVasoactive prostanoids are generated from arachidonic acid by COX-1 and COX-2 in the mouseAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY  (Vol. 289): H 1476 - H 1487Ciencias de la Salud
12Minguell, JJ; Fierro, FA; Epunan, MJ; Erices, AA; Sierralta, WDNonstimulated human uncommitted mesenchymal stem cells express cell markers of mesenchymal and neural lineagesSTEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT  (Vol. 14): 408 - 414Ciencias Biológicas
13Chamorro, E; De Proft, F; Geerlings, PGeneralized nuclear Fukui functions in the framework of spin-polarized density-functional theoryJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS     (Vol. 123):Art.   154104Ciencias Exactas
14Cuevas, A; Reyes, MSIs there still place for conservative treatment of obesity?REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE   (Vol. 133):713 - 722Ciencias de la Salud
15de la Calle-Mustienes, E; Feijoo, CG; Manzanares, M; Tena, JJ; Rodriguez-Seguel, E; Letizia, A; Allende, ML; Gomez-Skarmeta, JLA functional survey of the enhancer activity of conserved non-coding sequences from vertebrate Iroquois cluster gene desertsGENOME RESEARCH (Vol. 15):1061 - 1072Ciencias de la Salud
16del Campo, S; Herrera, RExtended closed inflationary universesCLASSICAL AND QUANTUM GRAVITY:2687 - 2699  (Vol. 22)Ciencias Exactas
17McGuire, KL; Holmes, DSRole of complementary proteins in autoimmunity: an old idea re-emerges with new twistsTRENDS IN IMMUNOLOGY (Vol. 26): 367 - 372Ciencias Biológicas
18Andrade, T; Banados, M; Benguria, RD; Gomberoff, A(2+1)-dimensional charged black hole in topologically massive electrodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS (Vol. 95): Art.  021102
19del Campo, S; Herrera, R; Pavon, DSoft coincidence in late accelerationPHYSICAL REVIEW D (Vol.  14): 861 - 872Ciencias Exactas
20Aros, Raleph=1 supergravity Noether chargesPHYSICAL REVIEW D (Vol. 71):Art.  127701Ciencias Exactas
21Del Campo, S; Herrera, R; Saavedra, JClosed inflationary universe models in Brane World CosmologyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS D  (Vol. 71):861- 872Ciencias Exactas
22Quatrini, R; Lefimil, C; Holmes, DS; Jedlicki, EThe ferric iron uptake regulator (Fur) from the extreme acidophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansMICROBIOLOGY-SGM (Vol. 151): 2005 - 2015Ciencias Biológicas
23Wilhelm, V; Soza, C; Martinez, R; Rosemblatt, M; Burzio, LO; Valenzuela, PDTProduction and immune response of recombinant Hsp60 and Hsp70 from the salmon pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonisBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (Vol. 38): 69 - 82Ciencias Biológicas
24Meisel, L; Fonseca, B; Gonzalez, S; Baeza-Yates, R; Cambiazo, V; Campos, R; Gonzalez, M; Orellana, A; Retamales, J; Silva, HA rapid and efficient method for purifying high quality total RNA from peaches (Prunus persica) for functional genomics analysesBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (Vol.38): 83 - 88Ciencias Exactas
25Ortega, X; Velasquez, JC ; Perez, LMIP3 production in the hypersensitive response of lemon seedlings against Alternaria alternata involves active protein tyrosine kinases but not a G-proteinBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (Vol. 38): 89 - 99Ciencias de la Salud
26Sienra, MD; Rosazza, NG; Prendez, MPolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their molecular diagnostic ratios in urban atmospheric respirable particulate matterATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH  (Vol.75): 267 - 281Ciencias Exactas
27Barreto, M; Jedlicki, E ; Holmes, DSIdentification of a gene cluster for the formation of extracellular polysaccharide precursors in the chemolithoautotroph Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansAPPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY  (Vol .71): 2902 - 2909Ciencias Biológicas
28Fuentes, DE; Navarro, CA; Tantalean, JC; Araya, MA; Saavedra, CP; Perez, JM; Calderon, IL; Youderian, PA; Mora, GC; Vasquez, CCThe product of the qacC gene of Staphylococcus epidermidis CH mediates resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics in Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteriaRESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY (Vol. 156): 472 - 477Ciencias Biológicas
29Cardenas, C; Chamorro, E; Notario, RNature of bonding in the cyclization reactions of (2-ethynylphenyl)triazene and 2-ethynylstyreneJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A  (Vol. 109): 4352 - 4358Ciencias Exactas
30Perez, P; Andres, J; Safont, VS; Contreras, R; Tapia, OExploring two-state reactivity pathways in the cycloaddition reactions of triplet methyleneJOURNAL OF  PHYSICAL  CHEMISTRY  A  (Vol. 109): 4178 - 4184Ciencias Exactas
31Orellana, ABiosynthesis of non-cellulosic polysaccharides in the Golgi apparatus. Topological considerationsPLANT BIOSYSTEMS  (Vol. 139):42 - 45Ciencias Biológicas
32Veloso, F; Riadi, G; Aliaga, D; Lieph, R; Holmes, DSLarge-scale, multi-genome analysis of alternate open reading frames in bacteria and archaeaOMICS-A JOURNAL OF INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY  (Vol. 9): 91 - 105Ciencias Biológicas
33Chamorro, EE; Notario, RComment on the "nature of bonding in the thermal cyclization of (Z)-1,2,4,6-heptatetraene and its heterosubstituted analogues" - ReplyJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B  (Vol. 109): 7594 - 7595Ciencias Exactas
34Tischler, ND; Galeno, H; Rosemblatt, M; Valenzuela, PDTHuman and rodent humoral immune responses to Andes virus structural proteinsVIROLOGY  (Vol. 334): 319 - 326
35Tiznado, W; Chamorro, E ; Contreras, R; Fuentealba, PComparison among four different ways to condense the Fukui functionJOURNAL  OF  PHYSICAL  CHEMISTRY  A (Vol. 109): 3220 - 3224Ciencias Exactas
36Toro, CS; Farfan, M; Contreras, I; Flores, O; Navarro, N; Mora, GC; Prado, VGenetic analysis of antibiotic-resistance determinants in multidrug-resistant Shigella strains isolated from Chilean childrenEPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION (Vol. 133) :81 - 86Ciencias Biológicas
37Domingo, LR; Perez, P; Contreras, RA DFT analysis of the strain-induced regioselective[2+2]cycloaddition of benzyne possessing fused four-membered ringLETTERS IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (Vol.2): 68 - 73Ciencias Exactas
38Contreras, R; Andres, J; Domingo, LR; Castillo, R; Perez, PEffect of electron-withdrawing substituents on the electrophilicity of carbonyl carbonsTETRAHEDRON (Vol. 61): 417 - 422Ciencias Exactas
39Aizman, A; Contreras, R; Perez, PRelationship between local electrophilicity and rate coefficients for the hydrolysis of carbenium ionsTETRAHEDRON  (Vol. 61): 889 - 895Ciencias Exactas
40Chamorro, E; De Proft, F; Geerlings, PHardness and softness reactivity kernels within the spin-polarized density-functional theoryJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS (vol. 123): Art.   154104Ciencias Exactas
41Quatrini, R; Jedlicki, E; Holmes, DSGenomic Insights into the Iron Uptake Mechanisms   of the Biomining MicroorganismJOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
42Gonzalez-Aviles, CDOn the hasse principle for zero-cycles on Severi-Brauer fibrationsINTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH NOTICES  (Vol. 48): 2969 - 2982Ingeniería
43Kwon, YJ; Aguilera, S; Molina, C; Alliende, C; Leyton, L; Brito, M; Perez, P; Leyton, C; Gonzalez, MJInvolvement of laminin1 and 5 and nidogen 1 and 2 in basal lamina remolding of acini salivaray glads from patients with Sjorgen´s syndromeATHRISTIS AND RHEMATISM (Vol. 52): S371 - S372Ciencias de la Salud
44Montealegre, JR; Herrera, R; Velasquez, JC; Silva, P; Besoain, X; Perez, LMBiocontrol of root and crown rot in tomatoes under greenhouse conditions using Trichoderma harzianum and Paenibacillus lentimorbus. Additional effect of solarizationELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (VOL.8)  ISI:000239039400003Ciencias de la Salud
45Perez, P; Kwon, YJ; Alliende, C; Leyton, L; Aguilera, S; Molina, C; Labra, C; Julio, M; Leyton, C; Gonzalez, MJIncreased acinar damage of salivary glands of patients with Sjogren's syndrome is paralleled by simultaneous imbalance of matrix metalloproteinase 3/tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 1 and matrix metalloproteinase 9/tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 1 ratiosARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM
46Rodriguez, JA; Green, T; Navar, LGRole of cyclooxygenase-2 in regulation of renal function during angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitionFASEB JOURNALCiencias Biológicas
47Krauskopf, MScience and politicsVIROLOGY  (Vol. 334): 319 - 3265