Publicaciones ISI 2006

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1Martinez, R; Kesternich, V; Carrasco, H; Alvarez-Contreras, C; Montenegro, C; Ugarte, R; Gutierrez, E; Moreno, J; Garcia, C; Werner, E; Carcamo, JSynthesis and conformational analysis of leptocarpin derivatives. Influence of modification of the oxirane ring on leptocarpin's cytotoxic activityJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY VOL.51 ISI:000242364900003  (1010-1014)Ciencias Exactas
2Gomez-Jeria, JSThe limits of the extended Huckel theory to calculate the total density of states of medium-sized moleculesJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY VOL.51 ISI:000242364900016  (1061-1064)Ciencias Exactas
3Gutierrez, VV; Cifuentes, LA; Bronfman, NCThe influence of information delivery on risk ranking by lay peopleJOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH VOL. 9 ISI:000242214300004 (641-655)Ingeniería
4Chamorro, E; Santos, JC; Escobar, CA; Perez, PElectrophilicity and spin polarization of simple substituted silylenesCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS VOL 431 ISI:000242008800042  (210-215)Cienciias Exactas
5Bustos, C; Sanchez, C; Schott, E; Garland, MT; Alvarez-Thon, LIntramolecular pi-pi stacking and bromine interactions in (2,2 '- bipyridine-kappa(2) N,N ')dibromo-cis-bis[1,1-diphenylhydrazido(2-)]molybdenum(VI)ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE VOL. 62 PART. 11 ISI:000241691500135  (M3 104-M3 106)Cienciias Exactas
6Eyzaguirre, J; Valdebenito, D; Cardemil, EPig liver phosphomevalonate kinase: Kinetic mechanismARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS VOL.454 ISI:000241419000010 (1089-1096)Ciencias Biológicas
7Lieph, R; Veloso, FA; Holmes, DSThermophiles like hot TTRENDS IN MICROBIOLOGY  (VOL. 14) ISI:000241257500002  (423-426)Ciencias Biológicas
8Coleman, CO; Gonzalez, ERNew hyalellids (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Hyalellidae) from Lake TiticacaORGANISMS DIVERSITY & EVOLUTION ISI:000240997500006
9Donoso-Tauda, O; Escobar, CA; Araya-Maturana, R; Vega, A(2S,R-S)-6-Phenyl1-(p-tolylsulfinyl)-hexa-3(E), 5(E)-dien-2-olACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS (VOL 62) ISI:000241002000031 (0631-0632)Ciencias Exactas
10Sienra, MD; Rosazza, NGOccurrence of nitro-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban particulate matterATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH (VOL.81)  ISI:000240751500001 (265-276)Ciencias Exactas y Ciencias de la Salud
11Allende, ML; Manzanares, M; Tena, JJ; Feijoo, CG; Gomez-Skarmeta, JLCracking the genome's second code: Enhancer detection by combined phylogenetic footprinting and transgenic fish and frog embryosMETHODS (VOL. 39) ISI:000240504000006 (212-219)Ciencias de la Salud
12Gonzalez, ER; Bond-Buckup, G; Araujo, PBTwo new species of hyalella from Southern Brazil (Amphipoda : Hyalellidae) with a taxonomic keyJOURNAL OF CRUSTACEAN BIOLOGY (VOL. 26)  ISI:000240508200009 (355-365)
13Jaramillo, P; Fuentealba, P; Perez, PNucleophilicity scale for n- and pi-nucleophilesCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS (VOL. 427) ISI:000240160900036 (421-425)Ciencias Exactas
14Quatrini, R; Appia-Ayme, C; Denis, Y; Ratouchniak, J; Veloso, F; Valdes, J; Lefimil, C; Silver, S; Roberto, F; Orellana, O; Denizot, F; Jedlicki, E; Holmes, D; Bonnefoy, VInsights into the iron and sulfur energetic metabolism of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans by microarray transcriptome profilingHYDROMETALLURGY (VOL. 83) ISI:000240030200034  (263-272)
15Appia-Ayme, C; Quatrini, R; Denis, Y; Denizot, F; Silver, S; Roberto, F; Veloso, F; Valdes, J; Cardenas, JP; Esparza, M; Orellana, O; Jedlicki, E; Bonnefoy, V; Holmes, DSMicroarray and bioinformatic analyses suggest models for carbon metabolism in the autotroph Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansHYDROMETALLURGY (VOL. 83)  ISI:000240030200035  (273-280)
16Alvarez, M; Quezada, C; Molina, A; Krauskopf, M; Vera, MI; Thiry, MUltrastructural changes of the carp (Cyprinus carpio) hepatocyte nucleolus during seasonal acclimatizationBIOLOGY OF THE CELL (VOL. 98)  ISI:000240078700002 (457-463)Ciencias Biológicas
17Chandia, OA note on the classical BRST symmetry of the pure spinor string in a curved backgroundJOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS (ART.19)  ISI:000239445400025Ciencias Exactas
18Hernandez, G; Salinas, L; Avila, ALarge-scale simulations of a bi-dimensional n-ary fragmentation modelCOMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE - ICCS 2006, PT 1, PROCEEDINGS ISI:000238389200118 (856-859)Ingeniería
19Gonzalez, J; Reyes, F; Salas, C ; Santiago, M; Codriansky, Y; Coliheuque, N; Silva, HArabidopsis thaliana: A model host plant to study plant-pathogen interaction using Chilean field isolates of Botrytis cinereaBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (VOL. 39) ISI:000238917800004  (221-228)Ciencias Biológicas
20Urbina, DC; Silva, H; Meisel, LAThe Ca2+ pump inhibitor, thapsigargin, inhibits root gravitropism in Arabidopsis thalianaBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (VOL. 39) ISI:000238917800011  (289-296)Ciencias Biológicas
21Quezada, C; Navarro, C; San Martin, R; Alvarez, M; Molina, A; Vera, MIGenomic organization of nucleolin gene in carp fish: Evidence for several genesBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (VOL.39) ISI:000238917800017 (353-365)Ciencias Biológicas
22Silva, E; Valdes, J; Holmes, D; Shmaryahu, A; Valenzuela, PDTGeneration and analysis of expressed sequence tags from Botrytis cinereaBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH (VOL. 39) ISI:000238917800018 (367-376)
23Medina-Vogel, G; Bartheld, JL; Pacheco, RA; Rodriguez, CDPopulation assessment and habitat use by marine otter Lontra felina in southern ChileWILDLIFE BIOLOGY (VOL. 12) ISI:000238701600008 (191-199)Ciencias Naturales
24Guerra, D; Castillo, R; Andres, J; Fuentealba, P; Aizman, A; Contreras, RHomofugality:A new reactivity index describing the leaving group ability in homolytic substitution reactionsCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS (VOL. 424)  ISI:000238734200039 (437-447)Ciencias Exactas
25Wilhelm, V; Miquel, A; Burzio, LO; Rosemblatt, M; Engel, E; Valenzuela, S; Parada, G; Valenzuela, PDTA vaccine against the salmonid pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis based on recombinant proteinsVACCINE (VOL.24) ISI:000238557500023  (5083-5091)Ciencias Biológicas
26Jaramillo, P; Perez, P; Contreras, R; Tiznado, W; Fuentealba, PDefinition of a nucleophilicity scaleJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A (VOL. 110)  ISI:000238645600026 (8181-8187)Ciencias Exactas
27Hernandez, G; Salinas, LExpected transient time and damage spreading for the NER automaton on geometrically connected graphsPHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS (VOL 367)  ISI:000238236700014  (173-180)Ingeniería
28Bernal, M; Simeone, A; Flores, MBreeding of wedge-rumped storm-petrels (Oceanodroma tethys) in northern ChileORNITOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL (VOL. 17) ISI:000238110900011  (283-287)Ciencias Naturales
29Gomez-Jeria, JSOn the use of the whole eigenvalue spectrum to obtain single molecule band structures and solid band gaps for molecular electronics studiesJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY (VOL. 51) ISI:000238131700014  (905-912)Ciencias Exactas
30Chavez, R; Bull, P; Eyzaguirre, JThe xylanolytic enzyme system from the genus PenicilliumJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (VOL.123) ISI:000238102500003(413-433)Ciencias Biológicas
31Cardenas, VHTachyonic quintessential inflationPHYSICAL REVIEW D (VOL.73) ISI:000237951100022  (Art. 103512)Ciencias Exactas
32Bucarey, SA; Villagra, NA; Fuentes, JA; Mora, GCThe cotranscribed Salmonella enterica sv. Typhi tsx and impX genes encode opposing nucleoside-specific import and export proteinsGENETICS (VOL. 173) ISI:000237990600003  (25-34)Ciencias Biológicas
33Bustos, C; Schott, E; Mac-Leod-Carey, DA; Ibanez, A; Alvarez-Thon, L4-{3,5-Dimethyl-4-[(E)-(4-methylphenyl)diazenyl]-1H-pyrazol-1-yl}benzonitrileACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE (VOL. 62) ISI:000237998600281  (2499-2501)Ciencias Exactas
34Wang, SW; Tang, XF; Vega, A; Saillard, JY; Sheng, EH; Yang, GS; Zhou, SL; Huang, ZXExperimental and theoretical evidence for the first example of an organolanthanide(II) compound having an indenyl ligand bonded to the metal through the benzo ring in eta(4) hapticityORGANOMETALLICS (VOL. 25) ISI:000237389600001  (2399-2401)Ciencias Exactas
35Carrasco-Altamirano, H; Espinoza-Catalan, L; Gallardo-Araya, C; Cardona-Villada, W; Ibanez, A; Alvarez-Thon, L4-Allyl-2-methoxy-5-nitrophenyl acetateACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE (VOL. 62) ISI:000237237000148  (1782-1784)Ciencias Exactas
36Alvarez-Thon, L; Carrasco-Altamirano, H; Espinoza-Catalan, L; Gallardo-Araya, C; Cardona-Villada, W; Ibanez, A1-ethyl-3-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-6-methoxy-2-methylindan-5-olACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE (VOL.62) ISI:000237237000240 (2000-2002)Ciencias Exactas
37David, J; Mendizabal, F; Arratia-Perez, RElectronic structure and molecular properties of the octacyanorhenate [Re(CN)(8)](3-) and [Re(CN)(8)](2-) complexesCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS (VOL. 422) ISI:000237177500018  (89-94)Ciencias Exactas
38Aros, R; Contreras, MTorsion induces gravityPHYSICAL REVIEW D (VOL. 73) ISI:000237159600093 (Art. 87501)Ciencias Exactas
39Sienra, MDOxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban air particulate matterATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT (VOL.40) ISI:000236773000013 (2374-2384)Ciencias Exactas
40Reyes, F; Marchant, L; Norambuena, L; Nilo, R; Silva, H; Orellana, AAtUTr1, a UDP-glucose/UDP-galactose transporter from Arabidopsis thaliana, is located in the endoplasmic reticulum and up-regulated by the unfolded protein responseJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY (VOL. 281) ISI:000236404700020 (9145-9151)Ciencias Biológicas
41Cardenas, C; Lamsabhi, AM; Fuentealba, PNuclear reactivity indices in the context of spin polarized density functional theoryCHEMICAL PHYSICS (VOL.322) ISI:000236318200007 (303-310)Ciencias Exactas
42Jaramillo, P; Domingo, LR; Perez, PTowards an intrinsic nucleofugality scale: The leaving group (LG) ability in CH(3)LG model systemCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS (VOL. 420) ISI:000236097100018  (95-99)Ciencias Exactas
43Quintana-Espinoza, P; Yanez, C; Escobar, CA; Sicker, D; Araya-Maturana, R; Squella, JAElectrochemical approach to the radical anion formation from 2 '-hydroxy chalcone derivativesELECTROANALYSIS (VOL. 18) ISI:000235983700014 (521-525)Ciencias Exactas
44Banados, M; Barnich, G; Compere, G; Gomberoff, AThree-dimensional origin of Godel spacetimes and black holesPHYSICAL REVIEW D (VOL.73) ISI:000235669800039
45Aros, RCharges and the boundary in Chern-Simons gravityPHYSICAL REVIEW D (VOL.73) ISI:000235669800056 (ART. 044023)Ciencias Exactas
46Pulgar, JM; Ojeda, FP; Bozinovic, FIntraspecific geographic and seasonal physiological variability in an intertidal fish, Girella laevifrons, along a climatic gradientJOURNAL OF FISH BIOLOGY (VOL 68) ISI:000235695700028 (975-981)Ciencias Biológicas
47Vargas, P; Cortes, C; Vargas, L; Rosemblatt, M; Bono, MRImmunization with antigen-pulsed dendritic cells significantly improves the immune response to weak self-antigensIMMUNOBIOLOGY (VOL. 211) ISI:000235603200004 (29-36)
48Arratia-Perez, R; Malli, GLRelativistic molecular orbital study of the optical and magnetic properties of hexachloro protactinate (IV): PaCl62-JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS (VOL. 124) ISI:000235473500029 (ART. 074321)Ciencias Exactas
49Guerra, D; Contreras, R; Perez, P; Fuentealba, PHardness and softness kernels, and related indices in the spin polarized version of density functional theoryCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS (VOL.419) ISI:000235438900008  (37-43)Ciencias Exactas
50Campuzano, C; del Campo, S; Herrera, RCurvaton reheating in tachyonic inflationary modelsPHYSICSLETTERS B (VOL. 633) ISI:000235098500002  (149-154)Ciencias Exactas
51David, J; Mendizabal, F; Arratia-Perez, RElectronic structure and molecular properties of the heptacyanorhenate [Re(CN)(7)](3-) and [Re(CN)(7)](4-) complexesJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A (VOL. 110) ISI:000235046100032 (1072-1077)Ciencias Exactas
52Alvarez-Thon, L; Bustos, C; Schott, E; Sanchez, C; Ibanez, ADouble pi-pi stacking in 2-[(E)-(3,5-dimethylisoxazol-4-yl)diazenyl]benzoic acidACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE (VOL. 62) ISI:000235033700173 (0595-0597)Ciencias Exactas
53Aros, RBoundary conditions in first order gravity: Hamiltonian and ensemblePHYSICAL REVIEW D (VOL. 73) ISI:000235010000044  (ART. 024004)Ciencias Exactas
54Chamorro, E ; Perez, P ; De Proft, F ; Geerlings, PPhilicity indices within the spin-polarized density-functional theory frameworkJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS (VOL. 124) ISI:000234979300006 (ART. 044105)Ciencias Exactas
55Naves, R; Reyes, L; Rosemblatt, M; Jacobelli, S; Gonzalez, A; Bono, MRLymphoid B cells induce NF-kappa B activation in high endothelial cells from human tonsilsINTERNATIONAL IMMUNOLOGY (VOL.18) ISI:000234967000005  (259-267)Ciencias Biológicas
56Domingo, LR; Perez, P; Contreras, Rpi-Strain-induced electrophilicity in small cycloalkynes: A DFT analysis of the polar cycloaddition of cyclopentyne towards enol ethersEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY  ISI:000234927500019 (498-506)Ciencias Exactas
57Swearingen, JW; Fuentes, DE; Araya, MA; Plishker, MF; Saavedra, CP; Chasteen, TG; Vasquez, CCExpression of the ubiE gene of Geobacillus stearothermophilus V in Escherichia coli K-12 mediates the evolution of selenium compounds into the headspace of selenite-and selenate-amended culturesAPPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY (VOL. 72) ISI:000234662800127  (963-967)Ciencias Biológicas
58Molina, C; Alliende, C; Aguilera, S; Kwon, YJ; Leyton, L; Martinez, B; Leyton, C; Perez, P; Gonzalez, MJBasal lamina disorganisation of the acini and ducts of labial salivary glands from patients with Sjogren's syndrome: association with mononuclear cell infiltrationANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES (VOL. 65) ISI:000234588900008 (178-183)Ciencias de la Salud
59Swearingen, JW; Frankel, DP; Fuentes, DE; Saavedra, CP; Vasquez, CCV; Chasteen, TGIdentification of biogenic dimethyl selenodisulfide in the headspace gases above genetically modified Escherichia coliANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY (VOL. 348) ISI:000234447800014 (115-122)Ciencias Biológicas
60Campos-Vargas, R; Becerra, O; Baeza-Yates, R; Cambiazo, V; González, M; Meisel, L ; Orellana, A; Retamales, J; Silva, H; Defilippi, BGSeasonal variation in the development of chilling injury in 'O'Henry' peachesSCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE (VOL. 110) (79-83)Ciencias Biológicas
61Latorre, M; Silva, H; Saba, J; Guziolowski, C; Vizoso, P; Martinez, V; Maldonado, J; Morales, A; Caroca, R; Cambiazo, V; Campos-Vargas, R; Gonzalez, M; Orellana, A; Retamales, J; Meisel, LAJUICE: a data management system that facilitates the analysis of large volumes of information in an EST project workflowBMC BIOINFORMATICS 7 (Art. 513)
62Orellana, A (Orellana, A); Reyes, F (Reyes, F); Marchant, L (Marchant, L); Norambuena, L (Norambuena, L); Nilo, R (Nilo, R); Silva, H (Silva, H)AtUTr1 a UDP-galactose/UDP-glucose transporter from Arabidopsis thaliana is located at the endoplasmic reticulum and is involved in protein folding quality controlFASEB JOURNALCiencias Biológicas
63Calderon, IL; Arenas, FA; Perez, JM; Fuentes, DE; Araya, MA; Saavedra, CP; Tantalean, JC;  Pichuantes, SE; Youderian, PA; Vasquez, CCCatalases Are NAD(P)H-Dependent Tellurite ReductasesPLOS ONECiencias Biológicas
64San Martin, R; Krauskopf, MCloning and seasonal expression of short prolactin receptor isoforms in a teleost fishPLACENTA
66Quezada, C; Navarro, C; Vera, MICloning and studies of the seasonal expression of carp nucleolin genePLACENTA
66Lama, AEuthanasia and the "right to die"REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILECiencias de la Salud
67Lama, AGrape fruit juice interaction with drugsREVISTA MEDICA DE CHILECiencias de la Salud
68Reyes, EP; Fernandez, R; Larrain, C; Zapata, PEffects of cholinergic agents on carotid chemoreflexesPLACENTACiencias de la Salud
63Minguell, JJ; Erices, AMesenchymal stem cells and the treatment of cardiac diseaseEXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINECiencias Biológicas
70Gordillo, F; Caputo, V; Peirano, A; Chavez, R; Van Beeumen, J; Vandenberghe, I; Claeyssens, M; Bull, P; Ravanal, MC; Eyzaguirre, JPenicillium purpurogenum produces a family 1 acetyl xylan esterase containing a carbohydrate-binding module: characterization of the protein and its geneMYCOLOGICAL RESEARCHCiencias Biológicas
71Soto-Azat, C; Boher, F; Flores, G; Mora, E; Santibanez, A; Medina-Vogel, GReversible anesthesia in wild marine otters (Lontra felina) using ketamine and medetomidineJOURNAL OF ZOO AND WILDLIFE MEDICINECiencias Naturales
72Bueno, SM; Tobar, JA; Perez, FJ; Gonzalez, PA; Mora, GC; Kalergis, AMThe capacity of Salmonella to escape from antigen presentation in dendritic cells is restricted by serovar-host specificityJOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY
73Simon, F; Fernandez, RProduction of reactive oxygen species induced by lipopolysaccharide in endothelial cellsPLACENTACiencias Biológicas