Publicaciones ISI 2007

Total 2007: 77

 AutoresNombre paperNombre revista o libroFacultad
1Sanchez, F; Cordova, MUrbanremix: Reflecting on an everyday cityREVISTA 180, (19): 36-39 07Arte y Humanidades
2Berrios, EPFoot and mouth disease in human beings. A human case in ChileREVISTA CHILENA DE INFECTOLOGIA, 24 (2): 160-163 APR 07Ciencias Naturales
3Sliminng, EC; Vio, CG; Villarroel, HPDesign, implementation & evaluation of a behavioral intervention package for parents of children with Asperger's syndromePSICOLOGIA CONDUCTUAL, 15 (2): 253-266 SEP 07Ciencias Sociales
4Gonzalez-Aviles, CDCapitulation, ambiguous classes and the cohomology of the unitsJOURNAL FUR DIE REINE UND ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK, 613: 75-97 DEC 07Ingeniería
5Romagnoli, PPA remark on the topological entropies of covers and partitionsSTUDIA MATHEMATICA, 182 (3): 273-281 07Ciencias Exactas
6Pulgar, JM; Bozinovicz, F; Ojedaz, FPInter-population thermal variability and physiological response in the intertidal fish Scartichthys viridis (Blenniidae)REVISTA CHILENA DE HISTORIA NATURAL, 80 (4): 439-446 DEC 07Ciencias Biológicas
7Besoain, XA; Perez, LM; Araya, A; Lefever, L; Sanguinetti, M; Montealegre, JRNew strains obtained after UV treatment and protoplast fusion of native Trichoderma harzianum: their biocontrol activity on Pyrenochaeta lycopersiciELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 10 (4): 604-617 OCT 15 07
8Islas, R; Chamorro, E; Robles, J; Heine, T; Santos, JC; Merino, GBorazine: to be or not to be aromaticSTRUCTURAL CHEMISTRY, 18 (6): 833-839 DEC 07Ciencias Exactas
9Catalan, LE; Marin, KC; Altamirano, HC; Fritis, MC; Chamy, MCOxidative degradations of the side chain of unsaturated Ent-labdanes. Part IIMOLECULES, 12 (12): 2605-26 DEC 07Ciencias Exactas
10Soto-Morales, F; Gomez-Jeria, JSA theoretical study of the inhibition of wild-type and drug-resistant HIV-1 reverse transcriptase by some thiazolidenebenzenesulfonamide derivatives (vol 52, pg 1214, 07)JOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 52 (4): 1341-1341 DEC 07Ciencias Exactas
11Manzur, J; Vega, A; Garcia, AM; Acuna, C; Sieger, M; Sarkar, B; Niemeyer, M; Lissnerll, F; Schleid, T; Kaim, WCoordination alternatives in dinuclear bis(pyridin-2-ylalkyl)benzylaminecopper(II) complexes with OH-, RO-, F-, or Cl- bridges: Experimental structures and DFT preferencesEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, (35): 5500-5510 DEC 07Ciencias Exactas
12Villegas, J; Burzio, V; Villota, C; Landerer, E; Martinez, R; Santander, M; Martinez, R; Pinto, R; Vera, MI; Boccardo, E; Villa, LL; Burzio, LOExpression of a novel non-coding mitochondrial RNA in human proliferating cellsNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 35 (21): 7336-7347 DEC 07Ciencias de la Salud
13Jaramillo, P; Perez, P; Fuentealba, PRelationship between basicity and nucleophilicityJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, (12): 1050-1057 DEC 07Ciencias Exactas
14Norero, CVThe contradictory requirements of university teaching in ChileREVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE, 135 (10): 1343-1345 OCT 07Ciencias de la Salud
15David, J; Restrepo, ARelativistic effects on the nuclear magnetic shielding in the MF (M=Cu, Ag, Au) seriesPHYSICAL REVIEW A, 76 (5): Art. No. 052511 NOV 07Ciencias Exactas
16Rincon, E; Perez, P; Chamorro, EGlobal and local reactivity of simple substituted nitrenes and phosphinidenes within the spin-polarized density functional theory frameworkCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 448 (4-6): 273-279 NOV 14 07Ciencias Exactas
17Varela, D; Simon, F; Olivero, P; Armisen, R; Leiva-Salcedo, E; Jorgensen, F; Sala, F; Stutzin, AActivation of H2O2-induced VSOR CI(-)currents in HTC cells require phospholipase C gamma 1 phosphorylation and Ca2+ mobilisationCELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, (6): 773-780 07Ciencias Biológicas
18Sepulveda, MA; Bartheld, JL; Monsalve, R; Gomez, V; Medina-Vogel, GHabitat use and spatial behaviour of the endangered Southern river otter (Lontra provocax) in riparian habitats of Chile: Conservation implicationsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION, 140 (3-4): 329-338 DEC 07Ciencias Naturales
19Rzhepishevska, OI; Valdes, J; Marcinkeviciene, L; Gallardo, CA; Meskys, R; Bonnefoy, V; Holmes, DS; Dopson, MRegulation of a novel Acidithiobacillus caldus gene cluster involved in metabolism of reduced inorganic sulfur compoundsAPPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, 73 (22): 7367-7372 NOV 07
20Villablanca, R; Luna-Jorquera, G; Marin, VH; Garthe, S; Simeone, AHow does a generalist seabird species use its marine habitat? The case of the kelp gull in a coastal upwelling area of the Humboldt CurrentICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE, 64 (7): 1348-1355 OCT 07
21Miwa, RH; Orellana, W; Srivastava, GPA theoretical study of Fe adsorption along Bi-nanolines on the H/Si(001) surfaceAPPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 254 (1): 96-98 Sp. Iss. SI OCT 31 07Ciencias Exactas
22Tittarelli, A; Milla, L; Vargas, F; Morales, A; Neupert, C; Meisel, LA; Salvo-G, H; Penaloza, E; Munoz, G; Corcuera, LJ; Silva, HIsolation and comparative analysis of the wheat TaPT2 promoter: identification in silico of new putative regulatory motifs conserved between monocots and dicotsJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 58 (10): 2573-2582 07
23Cofre, HL; Vilina, YA; Aguirre, J; Egli, W; Garcia, MD; Kocksch, H; Rotrmann, J; Seeger, H; Tala, CLocal distribution, abundance and conservation of black-headed duck in the Mediterranean wetlands of ChileWATERBIRDS, 30 (3): 412-416 SEP 07Ciencias Naturales
24Montecinos, R; Ahumada, H; Bahamonde-Padilla, VE; Olea, AF; Weiss-Lopez, BECounterion and composition effects on discotic nematic lyotropic liquid crystals - II. Ion exchange and molecular dynamicsJOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 316 (1): 1-125 DEC 1 07Ciencias Exactas
25Montecinos, R; Ahumada, H; Araya-Maturana, R; Olea, AF; Weiss-Lopez, BECounterion and composition effects on discotic nematic lyotropic liquid crystals - I. Size and orderJOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 316 (1): 126-131 DEC 1 07Ciencias Exactas
26Ibar, C; Orellana, AThe import of S-Adenosylmethionine into the golgi apparatus is required for the methylation of homogalacturonanPLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 145 (2): 504-512 OCT 07Ciencias Biológicas
27Chandia, O; Tonin, MBRST anomaly and superspace constraints of the pure spinor heterotic string in a curved backgroundJOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, (9): Art. No. 016 SEP 07Ciencias Exactas
28Ryan, PG; Petersen, SL; Simeone, A; Gremillet, DDiving behaviour of African penguins: do they differ from other Spheniscus penguins?AFRICAN JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE, 29 (2): 153-160 AUG 07Ciencias Naturales
29Bernasconi, AConstitutional prospects for the implementation of funding and governance reforms in Latin American higher educationJOURNAL OF EDUCATION POLICY, 22 (5): 509-529 07Ciencias Sociales
30Soto-Morales, F; Gomez-Jeria, JSA theoretical study of the inhibition of wild-type and drug-resistant HIV-1 reverse transcriptase by some thiazolidenebenzenesulfonamide derivativesJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 52 (3): 1214-1219 SEP 07Ciencias Exactas
31Valenzuela, MA; Garate, MP; Olea, AFSurface activity of alcohols ethoxylates at the n-heptane/water interfaceCOLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS, 307 (1-3): 28-34 OCT 15 07Ciencias Exactas
32Gil, F; Ipinza, F; Fuentes, J; Pumeron, P; Villarreal, JM; Aspee, A; Mora, GC; Vasquez, CC; Saavedra, CThe ompW (porin) gene mediates methyl viologen (paraquat) efflux in Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumRESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY, 158 (6): 529-536 JUL-AUG 07
33Manzur, J; Mora, H; Vega, A; Spodine, E; Venegas-Yazigi, D; Garland, MT; El Fallah, MS; Escuer, ACopper(II) complexes with new polypodal ligands presenting axial-equatorial phenoxo bridges {2-[(Bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amino)methyl]-4-methyl phenol, 2-[(Bis(2-pyr1dylmethyl)amino)methyl]-4-methyl-6-(methylthio)phenol}: Examples of ferromagnetically coupled Bi- and trinuclear copper(II) complexesINORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 46 (17): 6924-6932 AUG 07Ciencias Exactas
34Guerra, D; Andres, J; Chamorro, E; Perez, PUnderstanding the chemical reactivity of phenylhalocarbene systems: an analysis based on the spin-polarized density functional theoryTHEORETICAL CHEMISTRY ACCOUNTS, 118 (2): 325-335 AUG 07Ciencias Exactas
35Bronfman, NC; Cifuentes, LA; Dekay, ML ; Willis, HHAccounting for variation in the explanatory power of the psychometric paradigm: The effects of aggregation and focusJOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH, 10 (4): 527-554 07Ingeniería
36Carey, DML; Munoz-Castro, A; Bustos, CJ; Manriquez, JM; Arratia-Perez, Rpi-donor/acceptor effect on lindqvist type polyoxomolibdates because of various multiple-bonded nitrogenous ligandsJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, 111 (28): 6563-6567 JUL 19 07Ciencias Exactas
37Cristobal, MC; Urbina, F; Espinoza, ACutaneous horn malignant melanomaDERMATOLOGIC SURGERY, 33 (8): 997-999 AUG 07Ciencias de la Salud
38Guerra, D; Fuentealba, P; Aizman, A; Contreras, Rbeta-Scission of thioimidoyl radicals (R-1-N-C-center dot3DS-R-2): A theoretical scale of radical leaving group abilityCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 443 (4-6): 383-388 AUG 6 07Ciencias Exactas
39Santos, JC; Fuentealba, PAromaticity and electronic structure of silabenzenes. Possible existence of a new cluster Si6Li6CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 443 (4-6): 439-442 AUG 6 07Ciencias Exactas
40Alvarez, M; Nardocci, G; Thiry, M; Alvarez, R; Reyes, M; Molina, A; Vera, MIThe nuclear phenotypic plasticity observed in fish during rRNA regulation entails Cajal bodies dynamicsBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, 360 (1): 40-45 AUG 17 07Ciencias Biológicas
41Garcia, AM; Manzur, J; Vega, ADi-mu-hydroxido-bis{[bis(6-methyl-2-pyridylmethyl)(2-phenylethyl)amine-kappa(3) N', N '', N''']copper(II)}bis(perchlorate)ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS, 63: M335-M337 Part 7 JUL 07Ciencias Exactas
42Escobar, CA; Donoso-Tauda, O; Araya-Maturana, R; Vega, A4-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-phenyl-2,3-dihydro-1H-1,5-benzodiazepine and the 2-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-, 2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)- and 2-(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-substituted derivativesACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS, 63: O426-O430 Part 7 JUL 07Ciencias Exactas
43Rossato, J; Baierle, RJ; Orellana, WStability and electronic properties of vacancies and antisites in BC2N nanotubesPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 75 (23): Art. No. 235401 JUN 07Ciencias Exactas
44Chamorro, E; Notario, R; Santos, JC; Perez, PA theoretical scale for pericyclic and pseudopericyclic reactionsCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 443 (1-3): 136-140 JUL 27 07Ciencias Exactas
45De Pino, V; Boran, M; Norambuena, L; Gonzalez, M; Reyes, F; Orellana, A; Moreno, SComplex formation regulates the glycosylation of the reversibly glycosylated polypeptidePLANTA, 226 (2): 335-345 JUL 07
46Gomez-Jeria, JSOn the metallicity of some carbon nanotubesJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 52 (2): 1198-1199 JUN 07
47Herane, MI; Urbina, F; Sudy, ELipoatrophia semicircularis: A compressive lipoatrophy consecutive to persistent mechanical pressureJOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, 34 (6): 390-393 JUN 07Ciencias de la Salud
48Krauskopf, M; Krauskopf, E; Mendez, BLow awareness of the link between science and innovation affects public policies in developing countries: The Chilean caseSCIENTOMETRICS, 72 (1): 93-103 JUL 07Ciencias Biológicas
49Rivas, M; Seeger, M; Jedlicki, E; Holmes, DSSecond acyl homoserine lactone production system in the extreme acidophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansAPPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, 73 (10): 3225-3231 MAY 07
50Quatrini, R; Lefimil, C; Veloso, FA; Pedroso, I; Holmes, DS; Jedlicki, EBioinformatic prediction and experimental verification of Fur-regulated genes in the extreme acidophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidansNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 35 (7): 2153-2166 APR 07
51Medina-Vogel, G; Boher, F; Flores, G; Santibanez, A; Soto-Azat, CSpacing behavior of marine otters (Lontra felina) in relation to land refuges and fishery waste in central ChileJOURNAL OF MAMMALOGY, 88 (2): 487-494 APR 07Ciencias Naturales
52Feijoo, C; Lois, P; Araya, F; Palma, VSonic Hedgehog (SHH) role in dorsal midbrain proliferation in vertebratesDEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, 306 (1): 329-329 96 JUN 1 07Ciencias Biológicas
53Cardenas, VHInflation, reheating, and dark matterPHYSICAL REVIEW D, 75 (8): Art. No. 083512 APR 07Ciencias Exactas
54Ureta, G; Osorio, F; Morales, J; Rosemblatt, M; Bono, MR ; Fierro, JAGeneration of dendritic cells with regulatory propertiesTRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, 39 (3): 633-637 APR 07Ciencias Biológicas
55Mac-Leod-Carey, DA (Mac-Leod-Carey, Desmond A.); Bustos, C; Schott, E; Alvarez-Thon, L; Fuentealba, MBis[2-(2,4-dioxopentan-3-ylidene-kappa O)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)hydrazinato-kappa N-1]copper(II)ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, 63: m670-m672 Part 3 MAR 07Ciencias Exactas
56Bustos, C; Sanchez, C; Schott, E; Alvarez-Thon, L; Fuentealba, M3,5-Dimethyl-1-(4-nitrophenyl)-4-[(E)-(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorophenyl) diazenyl]-1H-pyrazoleACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, 63: o1138-o1139 Part 3 MAR 07Ciencias Exactas
57Caballero, S; Trujillo, F; Vianna, JA; Barrios-Garrido, H; Montiel, MG; Beltran-Pedreros, S; Marmontel, M; Santos, MC; Rossi-Santos, M; Santos, FR; Baker, CSTaxonomic status of the genus Sotalia: Species level ranking for "tucuxi" (Sotalia fluviatilis) and "costero" (Sotalia guianensis) dolphinsMARINE MAMMAL SCIENCE, 23 (2): 358-386 APR 07Ciencias Naturales
58Gamboa, MC; Rasmussen-Poblete, S; Valenzuela, PDT; Krauskopf, EIsolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a CBF transcription factor from E. globulusPLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 45 (1): 1-5 JAN 07Ciencias Biológicas
59Catalan, LE; Altamirano, HC; Fritis, MC; Araya, CG; Mari, KCOxidative degradations of the side chain of unsaturated Ent-labdanes. Part I.MOLECULES, 12 (3): 318-327 MAR 07Ciencias Exactas
60Aros, R; Romo, M; Zamorano, NConformal gravity from the AdS/CFT mechanismPHYSICAL REVIEW D, 75 (6): Art. No. 067501 MAR 07Ciencias Exactas
61Dunner, R; Reisenegger, A; Meza, A; Araya, PA; Quintana, HRedshift-space limits of bound structuresMONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 376 (4): 1577-1587 APR 21 07Ciencias Exactas
62Alzate-Morales, JH; Tiznado, W; Santos, JC; Cardenas, C; Contreras, RTheoretical study on CDK2 inhibitors using a global softness obtained from the density of statesJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 111 (12): 3293-3297 MAR 29 07Ciencias Exactas
63Paredes, R; Jimenez, V; Cabrera, G; Iraguen, D; Galanti, NApoptosis as a possible mechanism of infertility in Echinococcus granulosus hydatid cystsJOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, 100 (5): 10-19 APR 1 07Ciencias Naturales
64Vega, A; Saillard, JYStabilization of acepentalene by coordination to transition metals: A DFT investigationINORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 46 (8): 3295-3300 APR 16 07Ciencias Exactas
65Reyes, EP; Fernandez, R; Larrain, C; Zapata, PEffects of combined cholinergic-purinergic block upon cat carotid body chemoreceptors in vitroRESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY & NEUROBIOLOGY, 156 (1): 17-22 APR 16 07Ciencias de la Salud
66Reyes, EP; Fernandez, R; Larrain, C; Zapata, PCarotid body chemosensory activity and ventilatory chemoreflexes in cats persist after combined cholinergic-purinergic blockRESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY & NEUROBIOLOGY, 156 (1): 23-32 APR 16 07Ciencias de la Salud
67Cachau, RE; Duque-Norena, MA; Niimura, N; Burt, SKTowards an ultra-high resolution macromolecular structural database: analysis of proton acidities and peptide bond deformations by QM calculations, neutron scattering and X-ray crystallography studiesBIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 41A-41A Suppl. S JAN 07
68Wang, SW; Tang, XL; Vega, A; Saillard, JY ; Zhou, SL; Yang, GS; Yao, W; Wei, YCoordination and reactivity diversity of N-piperidineethyl-functionalized indenyl ligands: Synthesis, structure, theoretical calculation, and catalytic activity of organolanthanide complexes with the ligandsORGANOMETALLICS, 26 (6): 1512-1522 MAR 12 07Ciencias Exactas
69Cofre, HL; Bohning-Gaese, K; Marquet, PARarity in Chilean forest birds: which ecological and life-history traits matter?DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS, 13 (2): 3-212 MAR 07Ciencias Naturales
70Salamanca, CH; Barraza, RG; Acevedo, B; Olea, AFHydrophobically modified polyelectrolytes as potential drugs reservoirs of N-alkyl-nitroimidazolesJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 52 (1): 1115-1119 MAR 07Ciencias Exactas
71Martin, RS; Hurtado, W; Quezada, C; Reyes, AE; Vera, MI; Krauskopf, MGene structure and seasonal expression of carp fish prolactin short receptor isoformsJOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, 100 (4): 970-980 MAR 1 07Ciencias Biológicas
72Bedoya, OA; Chandia, OOne-loop conformal invariance of the type II pure spinor superstring in a curved backgroundJOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, (1): Art. No. 042 JAN 07Ciencias Exactas
73Manzur, J; Garcia, AM; Vega, A; Ibanez, ASynthesis and structure of copper (II) complexes with L-OH (L-OH=2,6-bis-[N-(2-pyridylethyl)-formidoyl]-4-methyl-phenol)POLYHEDRON, 26 (1): 115-122 JAN 2 07Ciencias Exactas
74Cardenas, C; Chamorro, E; Galvan, M; Fuentealba, PNuclear fukui functions from nonintegral electron number calculationsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUANTUM CHEMISTRY, 107 (4): 807-815 MAR 15 07Ciencias Exactas
75Bruscella, P; Appia-Ayme, C; Levican, G; Ratouchniak, J; Jedlicki, E; Holmes, DS; Bonnefoy, VDifferential expression of two bc(1) complexes in the strict acidophilic chemolithoautotrophic bacterium Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans suggests a model for their respective roles in iron or sulfur oxidationMICROBIOLOGY-SGM, 53: 102-110 Part 1 JAN 07Ciencias Biológicas
76Pinter, B; De Proft, F; Van Speybroeck, V; Hemelsoet, K; Waroquier, M; Chamorro, E; Veszpremi, T; Geerlings, PSpin-polarized conceptual density functional theory study of the regioselectivity in ring closures of radicalsJOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 72 (2): 348-356 JAN 19 07Ciencias Exactas
77Fresno, MJ; Miralles, R; Valdivia, J; Fuentes, A; Valenzuela, S; Ravera, MJ; Santander, HElectromyographic evaluation of anterior temporal and suprahyoid muscles using habitual methods to determine clinical rest positionCRANIO-THE JOURNAL OF CRANIOMANDIBULAR PRACTICECiencias de la Salud