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1Vega, A; Donoso-Tauda, O; Ibanez, A; Escobar, CAFive bicyclo[3.3.0]octa-2,6-dienesFive bicyclo[3.3.0]octa-2,6-dienesCiencias Exactas
2Vega, A; Ramirez-Rodriguez, O; Martinez-Cifuentes, M; Ibanez, A; Araya-Maturana, R4-Acetyl-3,3-diethyl-5-hydroxy-2-morpholino-2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuranACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, 64: O2329-U2251 Part 12 DEC 2008Ciencias Exactas
3Escobar, CA; Vega, A; Sicker, D; Ibanez, A(E)-3-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-(2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)prop-2-en-1-oneACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, 64: O1834-U2622 Part 9 SEP 2008Ciencias Exactas
4Ramirez-Rodriguez, O; Martinez-Cifuentes, M; Ibanez, A; Vega, A; Araya-Maturana, R9,10-dihydroxy-4,4-dimethyl-5,8-dihydroanthracen-1(4H)-oneACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, 64: O1316-U2373 Part 7 JUL 2008Ciencias Exactas
5Venegas-Yazigi, D; Castillo, C; Paredes-Garcia, V; Vega, A; Spodine, E2-(2-pyridylamino)pyridinium tetrachloridozincate(II)ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, 64: M777-U422 Part 6 JUN 2008Ciencias Exactas
6Medina-Vogel, G; Merino, LO; Alarcon, RM; Vianna, JDCoastal-marine discontinuities, critical patch size and isolation: implications for marine otter conservationANIMAL CONSERVATION, 11 (1): 57-64 FEB 2008Ciencias Naturales
7Alliende, C; Kwon, YJ; Brito, M; Molina, C; Aguilera, S ; Perez, P; Leyton, L; Quest, AFG; Mandel, U; Veerman, E; Espinosa, M; Clausen, H; Leyton, C; Romo, R; Gonzalez, MJReduced sulfation of muc5b is linked to xerostomia in patients with Sjogren syndromeANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES, 67 (10): 1480-1487 OCT 2008Ciencias de la Salud
8Villegas, J; Burzio, V; Landerer, E; Villota, E; Lopez, C; Vidaurre, S ; Araya, M; Rivas, A; Cruz, L; Burzio, LOCANCER DIAGNOSIS BASED IN THE DIFFERENTIAL EXPRESSION OF A NOVEL FAMILY OF NON CODING MITOCONDRIAL RNASANTICANCER RESEARCH, 28 (5C): 3530-3530 703 SEP-OCT 2008Ciencias Biológicas
9Orellana, WStability and bonding properties of finite single-walled carbon nanotubes adsorbed on Si(001)APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 92 (9): Art. No. 093109 MAR 3 2008Ciencias Exactas
10Inostroza, N; Hochlaf, M; Senent, ML; Letelier, JRAb initio characterization of linear C3Si isomersASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 486 (3): 1047-1052 AUG 2008Ciencias Naturales
11Urbina, F; Leon, L; Sudy, EBlack heel, talon noir or calcaneal petechiae?AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, 49 (3): 148-151 AUG 2008Ciencias de la Salud
12Vera, A; Ahumada, H; Bahamonde, V; Montecinos, R; Araya-Maturana, R; Munoz, D; Weiss-Lopez, BEDynamics and Orientation of Parathion Dissolved in a Discotic Nematic LyomesophaseAUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 61 (12): 968-974 2008Ciencias Exactas
13Krauskopf, EPlant Science research productivity in Chile during the past 20 yearsBIOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 41 (2): 137-141 2008Ciencias Biológicas
14Valdes, J; Pedroso, I; Quatrini, R; Dodson, RJ; Tettelin, H; Blake, R; Eisen, JA; Holmes, DSAcidithiobacillus ferrooxidans metabolism: from genome sequence to industrial applicationsBMC GENOMICS, 9: Art. No. 597 DEC 11 2008Ciencias Biológicas
15Osorio, H; Martinez, V; Nieto, PA; Holmes, DS; Quatrini, RMicrobial iron management mechanisms in extremely acidic environments: comparative genomics evidence for diversity and versatilityBMC MICROBIOLOGY, 8: Art. No. 203 NOV 24 2008Ciencias Biológicas
16Alvarado-Soto, L; Ramirez-Tagle, R; Arratia-Perez, RSpin-orbit effects on the aromaticity of the Re(3)Cl(9) and Re(3)Br(9) clustersCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 467 (1-3): 94-96 DEC 15 2008Ciencias Exactas
17Furman, JD; Gundiah, G; Page, K; Pizarro, N; Cheetham, AKLocal structure and time-resolved photoluminescence of emulsion prepared YAG nanoparticlesCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 465 (1-3): 67-72 NOV 3 2008Ciencias Exactas
18Ramirez-Tagle, R; Arratia-Perez, RElectronic structure and molecular properties of the [Mo6X8L6](2-); X = Cl, Br, I; L = F, Cl, Br, I clustersCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 460 (4-6): 438-441 JUL 30 2008Ciencias Exactas
19David, J; Fuentealba, P; Restrepo, ARelativistic effects on the hexafluorides of group 10 metalsCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 457 (1-3): 42-44 MAY 20 2008Ciencias Exactas
20Ramirez-Tagle, R; Arratia-Perez, RThe luminescent [Mo6X8(NCS)(6)](2-) ( X = Cl, Br, I) clusters?: A computational study based on time-dependent density functional theory including spin-orbit and solvent-polarity effectsCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 455 (1-3): 38-41 MAR 31 2008Ciencias Exactas
21Diaz-Veliz, G; Paris, I; Mora, S; Raisman-Vozari, R ; Segura-Aguilar, JCopper neurotoxicity in rat substantia nigra and striatum is dependent on DT-diaphorase inhibitionCHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY, 21 (6): 1180-1185 JUN 2008
22Delgado, I; Fuentes, E; Escobar, S; Navarro, C; Corbeaux, T; Reyes, AE; Vera, MI; Alvarez, M; Molina, ATemporal and spatial expression pattern of the myostatin gene during larval and juvenile stages of the Chilean flounder (Paralichthys adspersus)COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY B-BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 151 (2): 197-202 OCT 2008Ciencias Biológicas
23Fuentes, E; Poblete, E; Reyes, AE; Vera, MI; Alvarez, M; Molina, ADynamic expression pattern of the growth hormone receptor during early development of the Chilean flounderCOMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY B-BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 150 (1): 93-102 MAY 2008
24Bernasconi, AIs there a Latin American model of the university?COMPARATIVE EDUCATION REVIEW, 52 (1): 26-52 FEB 2008Ciencias Sociales
25Diaz, J; Chavez, R; Larrondo, LF; Eyzaguirre, J; Bull, PFunctional analysis of the endoxylanase B (xynB) promoter from Penicillium purpurogenumCURRENT GENETICS, 54 (3): 133-141 SEP 2008Ciencias Biológicas
26Reyes, F; Orellana, AGolgi transporters: opening the gate to cell wall polysaccharide biosynthesisCURRENT OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY, 11 (3): 244-251 JUN 2008Ciencias Biológicas
27Orto, PJ; Nichol, GS; Okumura, N; Evans, DH; Arratia-Perez, R; Ramirez-Tagle, R; Wang, RY; Zheng, ZPCluster carbonyls of the [Re-6(mu(3)-Se)(8)](2+) core: synthesis, structural characterization, and computational analysisDALTON TRANSACTIONS, (32): 4247-4253 2008Ciencias Exactas
28Moncada, G; Oyarzo, JF; Moncada, M; Marholz, C; Millas, RVacuum phenomenon in the temporomandibular joint: a clinical, computed tomography and magnetic resonance case reportDENTOMAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY, 37 (4): 236-239 MAY 2008Ciencias de la Salud
29Camargo, A; Aguirre, MJ; Cheuquepan, W; Chen, YY; Ramirez, GElectrooxidation of Nitrite Mediated by Cu-x-Tetraaminophenylporphyrin (x=2, 3, and 4) Glassy Carbon-Modified Electrodes: Effect of Substituent PositionELECTROANALYSIS, 20 (24): 2635-2641 DEC 2008Ciencias Exactas
30Rasmussen-Poblete, S; Valdes, J; Gamboa, MC; Valenzuela, PDT; Krauskopf, EGeneration and analysis of an Eucalyptus globulus cDNA library constructed from seedlings subjected to low temperature conditionsELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 11 (2): Art. No. 14 APR 15 2008Ciencias Biológicas
31Opazo, MC; Gianini, A; Pancetti, F; Azkcona, G; Alarcon, L; Lizana, R; Noches, V; Gonzalez, PA; Porto, M; Mora, S; Rosenthal, D; Eugenin, E; Naranjo, D; Bueno, SM; Kalergis, AM; Riedel, CAMaternal hypothyroxinemia impairs spatial learning and synaptic nature and function in the offspringENDOCRINOLOGY, 149 (10): 5097-5106 OCT 2008Ciencias Biológicas
32Simon, F; Stutzin, AProtein kinase C-mediated phosphorylation of p47(phox) modulates platelet-derived growth factor-induced H2O2 generation and cell proliferation in human umbilical vein endothelial cellsENDOTHELIUM-JOURNAL OF ENDOTHELIAL CELL RESEARCH, 15 (4): 175-188 2008Ciencias Biológicas
33Caorsi, C; Pineda, F; Munoz, CPravastatin immunomodulates IL-6 and C-reactive protein, but not IL-1 and TNF-alpha, in cardio-pulmonary bypassEUROPEAN CYTOKINE NETWORK, 19 (2): 99-103 JUN 2008
34Iruretagoyena, MI; Riedel, CA; Leiva, ED; Gutierrez, MA; Jacobelli, SH; Kalergis, AMActivating and inhibitory Fc gamma receptors can differentially modulate T cell-mediated autoimmunityEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 38 (8): 2241-2250 AUG 2008Ciencias Biológicas
35Fernandez, R; Gonzalez, S; Rey, S; Cortes, PP; Maisey, KR; Reyes, EP; Larrain, C; Zapata, PLipopolysaccharide-induced carotid body inflammation in cats: functional manifestations, histopathology and involvement of tumour necrosis factor-alphaEXPERIMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY, 93 (7): 892-907 JUL 1 2008Ciencias de la Salud
37Camicia, F; Paredes, R; Chalar, C; Galanti, N; Kamenetzky, L; Gutierrez, A; Rosenzvit, MCSequencing, bioinformatic characterization and expression pattern of a putative amino acid transporter from the parasitic cestode Echinococcus granulosusGENE, 411 (1-2): 1-9 MAR 31 2008Ciencias Naturales
38Donoso, CThe orphans of the Pacific War : The "asylum of the homeland", 1879-1885HISTORIA-SANTIAGO, 41 (1): 242-244 JAN-JUN 2008Artes y Humanidades
39Osorio, H; Martinez, V; Veloso, FA; Pedroso, I ; Valdes, J; Jedlicki, E; Holmes, DS; Quatrini, RIron homeostasis strategies in acidophilic iron oxidizers: Studies in Acidithiobacillus and LeptospirillumHYDROMETALLURGY, 94 (1-4): 175-179 Sp. Iss. SI NOV 2008
40Valdes, J; Pedroso, I; Quatrini, R; Holmes, DSComparative genome analysis of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, A. thiooxidans and A. caldus: Insights into their metabolism and ecophysiologyHYDROMETALLURGY, 94 (1-4): 180-184 Sp. Iss. SI NOV 2008
41Holmes, DSReview of International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, Frankfurt, 2007HYDROMETALLURGY, 92 (1-2): 69-72 MAY 2008Ciencias Biológicas
42Bueno, SM; Gonzalez, PA; Carreno, LJ; Tobar, JA; Mora, GC; Pereda, CJ; Salazar-Onfray, F; Kalergis, AMThe capacity of Salmonella to survive inside dendritic cells and prevent antigen presentation to T cells is host specificIMMUNOLOGY, 124 (4): 522-533 AUG 2008Ciencias Biológicas
43Paredes-Garcia, V; Gaune, S; Saldias, M; Garland, MT; Baggio, R; Vega, A; El Fallah, MS; Escuer, A; Le Fur, E; Venegas-Yazigi, D; Spodine, ESolvatomorphs of dimeric transition metal complexes based on the V4O12 cyclic anion as building block: Crystalline packing and magnetic propertiesINORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA, 361 (12-13): 3681-3689 SEP 1 2008Ciencias Exactas
44Bueno, SM; Gonzalez, PA; Pacheco, R; Leiva, ED; Cautivo, KM; Tobar, HE; Mora, JE; Prado, CE; Zuniga, JP; Jimenez, J; Riedel, CA; Kalergis, AMHost immunity during RSV pathogenesisINTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY, 8 (10): 1320-1329 Sp. Iss. SI OCT 2008
45Undurraga, VBlood feuds and honor speeches in Santiago de Chile, XVII centuryCOLONIAL LATIN AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEWArtes y Humanidades
46Villagra, NA; Hidalgo, AA; Santiviago, CA; Saavedra, CP; Mora, GCSmvA, and not AcrB, is the major efflux pump for acriflavine and related compounds in Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumJOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL CHEMOTHERAPY, 62 (6): 1273-1276 DEC 2008Ciencias Biológicas
47Moreno, I; Norambuena, L; Maturana, D; Toro, M; Vergara, C; Orellana, A; Zurita-Silva, A; Ordenes, VRAtHMA1 is a thapsigargin-sensitive Ca(2+)/heavy metal pumpJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 283 (15): 9633-9641 APR 11 2008
48Jimenez, V; Paredes, R ; Sosa, MA; Galanti, NNatural Programmed Cell Death in T. cruzi Epimastigotes Maintained in Axenic CulturesJOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, 105 (3): 688-698 OCT 15 2008Ciencias Naturales
49Meneses, AM; Medina, RA; Kato, S; Pint, M; Jaque, MP; Lizama, I; Garcia, MDLA; Nualart, F ; Owen, GIRegulation of GLUT3 and glucose uptake by the cAMP signalling pathway in the breast cancer cell line ZR-75JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY, 214 (1): 110-116 JAN 2008Ciencias Biológicas
50Chamorro, E; Perez, P; Duque, M; De Proft, F; Geerlings, PDual descriptors within the framework of spin-polarized density functional theoryJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 129 (6): Art. No. 064117 AUG 14 2008Ciencias Exactas
51Perez, P; Chamorro, E; Ayers, PWUniversal mathematical identities in density functional theory: Results from three different spin-resolved representationsJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 128 (20): Art. No. 204108 MAY 28 2008Ciencias Exactas
52Cardenas, C; De Proft, F; Chamorro, E ; Fuentealba, P; Geerlings, PTheoretical study of the surface reactivity of alkaline earth oxides: Local density of states evaluation of the local softnessJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 128 (3): Art. No. 034708 JAN 21 2008Ciencias Exactas
53Colombres, M; Garate, JA; Lagos, CF; Araya-Secchi, R; Norambuena, P; Quiroz, S; Larrondo, L; Perez-Acle, T; Eyzaguirre, JAn eleven amino acid residue deletion expands the substrate specificity of acetyl xylan esterase II (AXE II) from Penicillium purpurogenumJOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED MOLECULAR DESIGN, 22 (1): 19-28 JAN 2008
54Gonzalez-Hein, G; Gonzalez, C; Hidalgo, HCase report: An avian pox outbreak in captive psittacine birds in ChileJOURNAL OF EXOTIC PET MEDICINE, 17 (3): 210-215 JUL 2008Ciencias Naturales
55Gonzalez-Aguero, M ; Pavez, L; Ibanez, F; Pacheco, I; Campos-Vargas, R; Meisel, LA; Orellana, A; Retamales, J; Silva, H; Gonzalez, M; Cambiazo, VIdentification of woolliness response genes in peach fruit after post-harvest treatmentsJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 59 (8): 1973-1986 MAY 2008
56Valdes, JA; Molina, ACross talk between myostatin and IGF-1 transduction pathways mediated by calcium in skeletal muscle cellsJOURNAL OF GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY, 132 (1): 11A-11A 21 JUL 2008Ciencias Biológicas
57Elgueta, R; Sepulveda, FE; Vilches, F; Vargas, L; Mora, JR; Bono, MR; Rosemblatt, MImprinting of CCR9 on CD4 T cells requires IL-4 signaling on mesenteric lymph node dendritic cellsJOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 180 (10): 6501-6507 MAY 15 2008Ciencias Biológicas
58Gonzalez-Aviles, CDOn K-2 of varieties over number fieldsJOURNAL OF K-THEORY, 1 (1): 175-183 2008Ciencias Exactas
59Jaramillo, P; Domingo, LR; Chamorro, E; Perez, PA further exploration of a nucleophilicity index based on the gas-phase ionization potentialsJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE-THEOCHEM, 865 (1-3): 68-72 SEP 30 2008Ciencias Exactas
60Domingo, LR; Chamorro, E; Perez, PUnderstanding the reactivity of captodative ethylenes in polar cycloaddition reactions. A theoretical studyJOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 73 (12): 4615-4624 JUN 20 2008Ciencias Exactas
61Lemp, E; Canete, A; Gunther, G; Pizarro, N; Zanocco, ALPhotosensitized generation of singlet molecular oxygen by aryloxazinonesJOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY, 199 (2-3): 345-352 SEP 25 2008Ciencias Exactas
62Domingo, LR; Chamorro, E; Perez, PAn understanding of the electrophilic/nucleophilic behavior of electro-deficient 2,3-disubstituted 1,3-butadienes in polar Diels-Alder reactions. A density functional theory studyJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, 112 (17): 4046-4053 MAY 1 2008Ciencias Exactas
63Bronfman, NC; Cifuentes, LA; Gutierrez, VVParticipant-focused analysis: explanatory power of the classic psychometric paradigm in risk perceptionJOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH, 11 (6): 735-753 2008Ingeniería
64Bronfman, NC; Vazquez, EL; Gutierrez, VV; Cifuentes, LATrust, acceptance and knowledge of technological and environmental hazards in ChileJOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH, 11 (6): 755-773 2008Ciencias Exactas
65Carrasco, H; Espinoza, L; Cardile, V; Gallardo, C; Cardona, W; Lombardo, L; Catalan, K; Cuellar, M; Russo, AEugenol and its synthetic analogues inhibit cell growth of human cancer cells (part I)JOURNAL OF THE BRAZILIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 19 (3): 543-548 2008Ciencias Exactas
66Cuellar, M; Quilhot, W; Rubio, C; Soto, C; Espinoza, L; Carrasco, HPhenolics, depsides and triterpenes from the Chilean lichen Pseudocyphellaria nudata (Zahlbr.) D.J. GallowayJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 53 (3): 1624-1625 SEP 2008Ciencias Exactas
67Urbano, B; Silva, P  Olea, AF Fuentes, I; Martinez, FSelf-assembly of triblock copolymers in aqueous solutionJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 53 (2): 1507-1510 JUN 2008Ciencias Exactas
68Gomez-Jeria, JS; Soto-Morales, F; Rivas, J; Sotoamyor, AA theoretical structure-affinity relationship study of some cannabinoid derivativesJOURNAL OF THE CHILEAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 53 (1): 1382-1388 MAR 2008Ciencias Exactas
69Arias, JI; Gonzalez, A; Fernandez, MS; Gonzalez, C; Saez, D; Arias, JLEggshell membrane as a biodegradable bone regeneration inhibitorJOURNAL OF TISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, 2 (4): 228-235 JUN 2008Ciencias Naturales
70Soto-Azat, C; Boher, F; Fabry, M; Pascual, P; Medina-Vogel, GSurgical Implantation of Intra-abdominal Radiotransmitters in Marine Otters (Lontra felina) in Central ChileJOURNAL OF WILDLIFE DISEASES, 44 (4): 979-982 OCT 2008Ciencias Naturales
71Donoso, V; Gomez, CR; Orriantia, MA; Perez, V; Torres, C; Coddou, C; Nelson, P; Maisey, K; Morales, B; Fernandez, R; Imarai, M; Huidobro-Toro, JP; Sierra, F; Acuna-Castillo, CThe release of sympathetic neurotransmitters is impaired in aged rats after an inflammatory stimulus: A possible link between cytokine production and sympathetic transmissionMECHANISMS OF AGEING AND DEVELOPMENT, 129 (12): 728-734 DEC 2008Ciencias Biológicas
72Fritz, M; Ravanal, MC; Braet, C; Eyzaguirre, JA family 51 alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase from Penicillium purpurogenum: purification, properties and amino acid sequenceMYCOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 112: 933-942 Part 8 AUG 2008Ciencias Biológicas
73Araya-Maturana, R; Heredia-Moya, J; Donoso-Tauda, O ; Vera, M; Hernandez, JT; Pavani, M; Pessoa-Mahana, H; Weiss-Lopez, B; Ferreira, JEffects of simple and angular chromones on tumor cell respirationNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, 3 (4): 519-524 2008Ciencias Exactas
74Pedroso, I ; Rivera, G; Lazo, F; Chacon, M; Ossandon, F; Veloso, FA; Holmes, DSAlterORF: a database of alternate open reading framesNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 36: D517-D518 Sp. Iss. SI JAN 2008
75Alvarez-Thon, L; David, J; Arratia-Perez, R; Seppelt, KGround state of octahedral platinum hexafluoridePHYSICAL REVIEW A, 77 (3): Art. No. 034502 MAR 2008Ciencias Exactas
76Miwa, RH; Orellana, W; Srivastava, GPIron silicide wires patterned by Bi nanolines on the H/Si(001) surface: Spin density functional calculationsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 78 (11): Art. No. 115310 SEP 2008
77Barnich, G; Gomberoff, ADyons with potentials: Duality and black hole thermodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW D, 78 (2): Art. No. 025025 JUL 2008Ciencias Exactas
78Aros, Rde Sitter thermodynamics: A glimpse into nonequilibriumPHYSICAL REVIEW D, 77 (10): Art. No. 104013 MAY 2008Ciencias Exactas
79Aros, R; Gomberoff, A; Montecinos, ACounting the negative eigenvalues of the thermalon in three dimensionsPHYSICAL REVIEW D, 77 (6): Art. No. 063501 MAR 2008Ciencias Exactas
80Escobar, PF; Fiore, N; Valenzuela, PDT; Engel, EAFirst detection of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 4 in Chilean grapevinesPLANT DISEASE, 92 (10): 1474-1474 OCT 2008
81Engel, EA; Escobar, P; Montt, C; Gomez-Talquenca, S; Valenzuela, PDTFirst report on the occurrence of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 7 and 9 in Chilean grapevinesPLANT DISEASE, 92 (8): 1252-1253 AUG 2008Ciencias Biológicas
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84Gonzalez, PA; Prado, CE; Leiva, ED; Carreno, LJ; Bueno, SM; Riedel, CA; Kalergis, AMRespiratory syncytial virus impairs T cell activation by preventing synapse assembly with dendritic cellsPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 105 (39): 14999-15004 SEP 30 2008Ciencias Biológicas
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86Fuentes, JA; Villagra, N; Castillo-Ruiz, M; Mora, GCThe Salmonella Typhi hlyE gene plays a role in invasion of cultured epithelial cells and its functional transfer to S. Typhimurium promotes deep organ infection in miceRESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY, 159 (4): 279-287 MAY 2008Ciencias Biológicas
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90Campbell, JE; Carmichael, GR; Chai, T; Mena-Carrasco, M; Tang, Y; Blake, DR; Blake, NJ; Vay, SA; Collatz, GJ; Baker, I; Berry, JA; Montzka, SA; Sweeney, C; Schnoor, JL; Stanier, COPhotosynthetic Control of Atmospheric Carbonyl Sulfide During the Growing SeasonSCIENCE, 322 (5904): 1085-1088 NOV 14 2008Ingeniería
91Inostroza, N; Letelier, J; Senent, ML; Fuentealba, PTheoretical ro-vibrational spectrum of CF+SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, 71 (3): 798-802 DEC 1 2008Ciencias Exactas
92Morales, J ; Bono, MR ; Fierro, A; Iniguez, R; Zehnder, C; Rosemblatt, M; Calabran, L; Herzog, C; Benavente, D; Aguilo, J; Pefaur, J; Alba, A; Ferrario, M; Simon, W; Contreras, L; Buckel, EAlemtuzumab Induction in Kidney Transplantation: Clinical Results and Impact on T-Regulatory CellsTRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, 40 (9): 3223-3228 NOV 2008Ciencias de la Salud
93Goic, B; Bustamante, J; Miquel, A; Alvarez, M; Vera, MI; Valenzuela, PDT; Burzio, LOThe nucleoprotein and the viral RNA of infectious salmon anemia virus (ISAV) are localized in the nucleolus of infected cellsVIROLOGY, 379 (1): 55-63 SEP 15 2008Ciencias Biológicas
94Engel, EA; Girardi, C; Escobar, PF; Arredondo, V; Dominguez, C; Perez-Acle, T; Valenzuela, PDTGenome analysis and detection of a Chilean isolate of Grapevine leafroll associated virus-3VIRUS GENES, 37 (1): 110-118 AUG 2008Ciencias Biológicas
95Tischler, ND; Rosemblatt, M; Valenzuela, PDTCharacterization of cross-reactive and serotype-specific epitopes on the nucleocapsid proteins of hantavirusesVIRUS RESEARCH, 135 (1): 1-9 JUL 2008Ciencias Biológicas
96Medina-Vogel, G; Gonzalez-Lagos, CHabitat use and diet of endangered southern river otter Lontra provocax in a predominantly palustrine wetland in ChileWILDLIFE BIOLOGY, 14 (2): 211-220 JUN 2008Ciencias de la Salud