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1Pawlowski, Tomasz; Pierini, Roberto; Wilson-Ewing, EdwardLoop quantum cosmology of a radiation-dominated flat FLRW universePHYSICAL REVIEW DCiencias Exactas
2Howes, L. M.; Asplund, M.; Casey, A. R.; Keller, S. C.; Yong, D.; Gilmore, G.; Lind, K.; Worley, C.; Bessell, M. S.; Casagrande, L.; Marino, A. F.; Nataf, D. M.; Owen, C. I.; Da Costa, G. S.; Schmidt, B. P.; Tisserand, P.; Randich, S.; Feltzing, S.; Vallenari, A.; Allende Prieto, C.; Bensby, T.; Flaccomio, E.; Korn, A. J.; Pancino, E.; Recio-Blanco, A.; Smiljanic, R.; Bergemann, M.; Costado, M. T.; Damiani, F.; Heiter, U.; Hill, V.; Hourihane, A.; Jofre, P.; Lardo, C.; de laverny, P.; Magrini, L.; Maiorca, E.; Masseron, T.; Morbidelli, L.; Sacco, G. G.; Minniti, D.; Zoccali, M.The Gaia-ESO Survey: the most metal-poor stars in the Galactic bulgeMONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETYCiencias Exactas
3Ingallinera, A.; Trigilio, C.; Umana, G.; Leto, P.; Agliozzo, C.; Buemi, C.Study of the extended radio emission of two supernova remnants and four planetary nebulae associated with MIPSGAL bubblesMONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETYCiencias Exactas
4Fransson, Claes; Ergon, Mattias; Challis, Peter J.; Chevalier, Roger A.; France, Kevin; Kirshner, Robert P.; Marion, G. H.; Milisavljevic, Dan; Smith, Nathan; Bufano, Filomena; Friedman, Andrew S.; Kangas, Tuomas; Larsson, Josefin; Mattila, Seppo; Benetti, Stefano; Chornock, Ryan; Czekala, Ian; Soderberg, Alicia; Sollerman, JesperHIGH-DENSITY CIRCUMSTELLAR INTERACTION IN THE LUMINOUS TYPE IIn SN 2010jl: THE FIRST 1100 DAYSASTROPHYSICAL JOURNALCiencias Exactas
5Monras, Juan P.; Collao, Bernardo; Molina-Quiroz, Roberto C.; Pradenas, Gonzalo A.; Saona, Luis A.; Duran-Toro, Vicente; Ordenes-Aenishanslins, Nicolas; Venegas, Felipe A.; Loyola, David E.; Bravo, Denisse; Calderon, Paulina F.; Calderon, Ivan L.; Vasquez, Claudio C.; Chasteen, Thomas G.; Lopez, Desire A.; Perez-Donoso, Jose M.Microarray analysis of the Escherichia coli response to CdTe-GSH Quantum Dots: understanding the bacterial toxicity of semiconductor nanoparticlesBMC GENOMICSCiencias Biológicas
6Ponce-Vargas, Miguel; Munoz-Castro, AlvaroHeavy Element Metallacycles: Insights into the Nature of Host-Guest Interactions Involving Dihalide Mercuramacrocycle ComplexesJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CCiencias Exactas
7Castro, Patricio A.; Ramirez, Alejandra; Sepulveda, Fernando J.; Peters, Christian; Fierro, Humberto; Waldron, Javier; Luza, Sandra; Fuentealba, Jorge; Munoz, Francisco J.; De Ferrari, Giancarlo V.; Bush, Ashley I.; Aguayo, Luis G.; Opazo, Carlos M.Copper-uptake is critical for the down regulation of synapsin and dynamin induced by neocuproine: modulation of synaptic activity in hippocampal neuronsFRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCECiencias Biológicas
8Poblete, F.; Roperch, P.; Herve, F.; Diraison, M.; Espinoza, M.; Arriagada, C.The curved Magallanes fold and thrust belt: Tectonic insights from a paleomagnetic and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility studyTECTONICSIngeniería
9Correa, Juan A.; Parro, Francisco; Reyes, LoretoThe Effects of Vouchers on School Results: Evidence from Chile's Targeted Voucher ProgramJOURNAL OF HUMAN CAPITALEconomía y Negocios
11Aedo, J. E.; Maldonado, J.; Estrada, J. M.; Fuentes, E. N.; Silva, H.; Gallardo-Escarate, C.; Molina, A.; Valdes, J. A.Sequencing and de novo assembly of the red cusk-eel (Genypterus chilensis) transcriptomeMARINE GENOMICSCiencias Biológicas
12Massa, Miguel A.; Covarrubias, Cristian; Bittner, Mauricio; Andres Fuentevilla, Ignacio; Capetillo, Pavel; Von Marttens, Alfredo; Carlos Carvajal, JuanSynthesis of new antibacterial composite coating for titanium based on highly ordered nanoporous silica and silver nanoparticlesMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONSCiencias Biológicas/Odontología
13Hernandez-Rocha, Cristian; Tejos Sufan, Rodrigo; Plaza-Garrido, Angela; Barra-Carrasco, Jonathan; Aguero Luengo, Carlos; Inostroza Levy, Gonzalo; Ibanez Lazo, Patrido; Guzman-Duran, Ana M.; Paredes-Sabja, Daniel; Elena Molina Pezoa, M.; Alvarez-Lobos, ManuelPerformance of prognostic index in severe Clostridium difficile-associated infection. Retrospective analysis in a university hospitalREVISTA CHILENA DE INFECTOLOGIACiencias Biológicas
14Barra-Carrasco, Jonathan; Hernandez-Rocha, Cristian; Ibanez, Patricio; Guzman-Duran, Ana M.; Alvarez-Lobos, Manuel; Paredes-Sabja, DanielClostridium difficile spores and its relevance in the persistence and transmission of the infectionREVISTA CHILENA DE INFECTOLOGIACiencias Biológicas
15Paez-Hernandez, DayanPredicting the electronic structure and magnetic properties of UO2+, UO2(CO)(5)(+) and UO2(Ar)(5)(+) using wavefunction based methodsJOURNAL OF ELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY AND RELATED PHENOMENACiencias Exactas
16Millan, Javier; Garcia, Emilio J.; Oleaga, Alvaro; Lopez-Bao, Jose Vicente; Llaneza, Luis; Palacios, Vicente; Candela, Monica G.; Cevidanes, Aitor; Rodriguez, Alejandro; Leon-Vizcaino, LuisUsing a top predator as a sentinel for environmental contamination with pathogenic bacteria: the Iberian wolf and leptospiresMEMORIAS DO INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZEcología y Recursos Naturales
17Soto, Leopoldo; Pavez, Cristian; Moreno, Jose; Inestrosa-Izurieta, Maria Jose; Veloso, Felipe; Gutierrez, Gonzalo; Vergara, Julio; Clausse, Alejandro; Bruzzone, Horacio; Castillo, Fermin; Delgado-Aparicio, Luis F.Characterization of the axial plasma shock in a table top plasma focus after the pinch and its possible application to testing materials for fusion reactorsPHYSICS OF PLASMASCiencias Exactas
18Gordon, Jonathan A. R.; Montecino, Martin A.; Aqeilan, Rami I.; Stein, Janet L.; Stein, Gary S.; Lian, Jane B.Epigenetic Pathways Regulating Bone Homeostasis: Potential Targeting for Intervention of Skeletal DisordersCURRENT OSTEOPOROSIS REPORTSCiencias Biológicas
19Simirgiotis, Mario J.; Vallejos, Javier; Areche, Carlos; Sepulveda, BeatrizConcise and Straightforward Asymmetric Synthesis of a Cyclic Natural Hydroxy-Amino AcidMOLECULESCiencias Exactas
20Tarifeno-Saldivia, Ariel; Soto, LeopoldoEffects of gas chamber geometry and gas flow on the neutron production in a fast plasma focus neutron sourcePLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSIONCiencias Exactas
21Valenzuela-Sanchez, A.; Harding, G.; Cunningham, A. A.; Chirgwin, C.; Soto-Azat, C.Home range and social analyses in a mouth brooding frog: testing the coexistence of paternal care and male territorialityJOURNAL OF ZOOLOGYEcología y Recursos Naturales
22Levipan, Hector A.; Molina, Veronica; Fernandez, CamilaNitrospina-like bacteria are the main drivers of nitrite oxidation in the seasonal upwelling area of the Eastern South Pacific (Central Chile similar to 36 degrees S)ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY REPORTSEcología y Recursos Naturales
23Reyes-Bozo, Lorenzo; Godoy-Faundez, Alex; Herrera-Urbina, Ronaldo; Higueras, Pablo; Salazar, Jose Luis; Valdes-Gonzalez, Hector; Vyhmeister, Eduardo; Antizar-Ladislao, BlancaGreening Chilean copper mining operations through industrial ecology strategiesJOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTIONIngeniería
24Adell, A. D.; Smith, W. A.; Shapiro, K.; Melli, A.; Conrad, P. A.Molecular Epidemiology of Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia spp. in Mussels (Mytilus californianus) and California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) from Central CaliforniaAPPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGYEcología y Recursos Naturales
25Huang, YongMei; Jensen, Jeffrey T.; Brache, Vivian; Cochon, Leila; Williams, Alistair; Miranda, Maria-Jose; Croxatto, Horacio; Kumar, Narender; Sussman, Heather; Hoskin, Elena; Plagianos, Marlena; Roberts, Kevin; Merkatz, Ruth; Blithe, Diana; Sitruk-Ware, RegineA randomized study on pharmacodynamic effects of vaginal rings delivering the progesterone receptor modulator ulipristal acetate: research for a novel estrogen-free, method of contraceptionCONTRACEPTIONMedicina
26Lagos, Paulo F.; Manriquez, KarenSpatial distribution of Antarctic copepods in Fildes Bay during summer of 2012REVISTA DE BIOLOGIA MARINA Y OCEANOGRAFIAEcología y Recursos Naturales
27Gomez-Machuca, Horacio; Quiroga-Campano, Cinthia; Jullian, Carolina; De la Fuente, Julio; Pessoa-Mahana, Hernan; Escobar, Carlos A.; Dobado, Jose A.; Saitz, ClaudioStudy by fluorescence of calix[4]arenes bearing heterocycles with anions: highly selective detection of iodideJOURNAL OF INCLUSION PHENOMENA AND MACROCYCLIC CHEMISTRYCiencias Exactas
28Udompijitkul, Pathima; Alnoman, Maryam; Banawas, Saeed; Paredes-Sabja, Daniel; Sarker, Mahfuzur R.New amino acid germinants for spores of the enterotoxigenic Clostridium perfringens type A isolatesFOOD MICROBIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
29Macqueen, Daniel J.; Fuentes, Eduardo N.; Antonio Valdes, Juan; Molina, Alfredo; Martin, Samuel A. M.The vertebrate muscle-specific RING finger protein family includes MuRF4-A novel, conserved E3-ubiquitin ligaseFEBS LETTERSCiencias Biológicas
30Camarada, M. B.; Zuniga, M.; Alzate-Morales, J.; Santos, L. S.Computational study of the complexation of metals ions with poly(amidoamine) PAMAM GO dendrimersCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERSCiencias Biológicas
31Tissera, Patricia B.; Scannapieco, CeciliaLow-metallicity stellar halo populations as tracers of dark matter haloesMONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETYCiencias Exactas
32Rabanal-Leon, Walter A.; Murillo-Lopez, Juliana A.; Paez-Hernandez, Dayan; Arratia-Perez, RamiroUnderstanding the Influence of Terminal Ligands on the Electronic Structure and Bonding Nature in [Re-6(mu(3)-Q(8))](2+) ClustersJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY ACiencias Exactas
33Ziaie, Amir Hadi; Moniz, Paulo Vargas; Ranjbar, Arash; Sepangi, Hamid RezaEinstein-Cartan gravitational collapse of a homogeneous Weyssenhoff fluidEUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL CCiencias Exactas
34Alvarez, Pedro D.; Pais, Pablo; Rodriguez, Eduardo; Salgado-Rebolledo, Patricio; Zanelli, JorgeThe BTZ black hole as a Lorentz-flat geometryPHYSICS LETTERS BCiencias Exactas
35Paredes-Gil, Katherine; Solans-Monfort, Xavier; Rodriguez-Santiago, Luis; Sodupe, Mariona; Jaque, PabloDFT Study on the Relative Stabilities of Substituted Ruthenacyclobutane Intermediates Involved in Olefin Cross-Metathesis Reactions and Their Interconversion PathwaysORGANOMETALLICSCiencias Exactas
36Gonzalez-Gaitan, S.; Hsiao, E. Y.; Pignata, G.; Foerster, F.; Gutierrez, C. P.; Bufano, F.; Galbany, L.; Folatelli, G.; Phillips, M. M.; Hamuy, M.; Anderson, J. P.; de Jaeger, T.DEFINING PHOTOMETRIC PECULIAR TYPE Ia SUPERNOVAEASTROPHYSICAL JOURNALCiencias Exactas
37Fisher, Jenny C.; Levican, Arturo; Figueras, Maria J.; McLellan, Sandra L.Population dynamics and ecology of Arcobacter in sewageFRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
38Manriquez, Patricio H.; Elisa Jara, Maria; Torres, Rodrigo; Loreto Mardones, Maria; Lagos, Nelson A.; Lardies, Marco A.; Vargas, Cristian A.; Duarte, Cristian; Navarro, Jorge M.Effects of ocean acidification on larval development and early post-hatching traits in Concholepas concholepas (loco)MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIESEcología y Recursos Naturales
39Peralta, Joaquin; Gutierrez, GonzaloPressure-induced structural transition in amorphous GeO2: a molecular dynamics simulationEUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL BCiencias Exactas
40Higueras, P.; Lorenzo, S.; Esbri, J. M.; Garcia-Noguero, E. M.; Reyes-Bozo, L.Soil pollution related to mercury-mining activities in the proximity of Usagre (Badajoz, SW Spain)INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MINING RECLAMATION AND ENVIRONMENTIngeniería
41Alvarado, Nancy; Alegria, Luz; Sandoval, Claudia; Kortaberria, Galder; Leiva, Angel; Gargallo, Ligia; Radic, DeodatoSynthesis and Characterization of a Branched Poly(Methacrylamide): Thermal Stability and Molecular Simulation Studies of Their Blends With Vinylic PolymersJOURNAL OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART A-PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRYCiencias Biológicas
42Minniti, D.; Saito, R. K.; Gonzalez, O. A.; Zoccali, M.; Rejkuba, M.; Alonso-Garcia, J.; Benjamin, R.; Catelan, M.; Dekany, I.; Emerson, J. P.; Hempel, M.; Lucas, P. W.; Schultheis, M.Milky Way demographics with the VVV survey III. Evidence for a great dark lane in the 157 million star bulge color-magnitude diagramASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICSCiencias Exactas
43Rojas-Ayala, Barbara; Iglesias, Daniela; Minniti, Dante; Saito, Roberto K.; Surot, FranciscoM dwarfs in the b201 tile of the VVV survey Colour-based selection, spectral types and light curvesASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICSCiencias Exactas
44Gonzalez, Carolina; Yanquepe, Maria; Cardenas, Juan Pablo; Valdes, Jorge; Quatrini, Raquel; Holmes, David S.; Dopson, MarkGenetic variability of psychrotolerant Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans revealed by (meta)genomic analysisRESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
45Nunez, Harold; Loyola, David; Cardenas, Juan Pablo; Holmes, David S.; Johnson, D. Barrie; Quatrini, RaquelMulti Locus Sequence Typing scheme for Acidithiobacillus caldus strain evaluation and differentiationRESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
46Faundez, Claudio A.; Quiero, Felipe A.; Valderrama, Jose O.Correlation of solubility data of ammonia in ionic liquids for gas separation processes using artificial neural networksCOMPTES RENDUS CHIMIECiencias Exactas
47Escobar, Luis E.; Lira-Noriega, Andres; Medina-Vogel, Gonzalo; Peterson, A. TownsendPotential for spread of the white-nose fungus (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) in the Americas: use of Maxent and NicheA to assure strict model transferenceGEOSPATIAL HEALTHEcología y Recursos Naturales
48Venegas F, German; Donoso, Cristian; Arriaza, Camilo; Espinoza-Navarro, Omar; Eugenia Castro, Maria; Torres, Cristian; Lillo, Felipe; Rodriguez B, HectorEVALUATION OF THE EFFECTS ON THE CEREBELLAR CORTEX OF CF-1 MICE EXPOSED TO A SINGLE DOSE OF CYPERMETHRININTERCIENCIAEcología y Recursos Naturales
49Choi, Won Il; Kamaly, Nazila; Riol-Blanco, Lorena; Lee, In-Hyun; Wu, Jun; Swami, Archana; Vilos, Cristian; Yameen, Basit; Yu, Mikyung; Shi, Jinjun; Tabas, Ira; von Andrian, Ulrich H.; Jon, Sangyong; Farokhzad, Omid C.A Solvent-Free Thermosponge Nanoparticle Platform for Efficient Delivery of Labile ProteinsNANO LETTERSMedicina
50Arenas-Salinas, Mauricio; Ortega-Salazar, Samuel; Gonzales-Nilo, Fernando; Pohl, Ehmke; Holmes, David S.; Quatrini, RaquelAFAL: a web service for profiling amino acids surrounding ligands in proteinsJOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED MOLECULAR DESIGNCiencias Biológicas
51Brito, Anghel; Ramirez, Javier E.; Areche, Carlos; Sepulveda, Beatriz; Simirgiotis, Mario J.HPLC-UV-MS Profiles of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Fruits from Three Citrus Species Consumed in Northern ChileMOLECULESCiencias Exactas
52Montenegro, Ivan; Tomasoni, Giacomo; Bosio, Claudia; Quinones, Natalia; Madrid, Alejandro; Carrasco, Hector; Olea, Andres; Martinez, Rolando; Cuellar, Mauricio; Villena, JoanStudy on the Cytotoxic Activity of Drimane Sesquiterpenes and Nordrimane Compounds against Cancer Cell LinesMOLECULESCiencias Exactas
53Castillo, Octavio A.; Borgna, VincenzoChylous ascites and high-output chylous fistula after extended pelvic lymph node dissection for urological cancer: A rare postoperative complication.ARCHIVOS ESPANOLES DE UROLOGIAMedicina
54Arenas-Salinas, Mauricio; Townsend, Philip D.; Brito, Christian; Marquez, Valeria; Marabolli, Vanessa; Gonzalez-Nilo, Fernando; Matias, Cata; Watt, Richard K.; Lopez-Castro, Juan D.; Dominguez-Vera, Jose; Pohl, Ehmke; Yevenes, AlejandroThe crystal structure of ferritin from Chlorobium tepidum reveals a new conformation of the 4-fold channel for this protein familyBIOCHIMIECiencias Biológicas
55Moraga-Amaro, Rodrigo; Gonzalez, Hugo; Pacheco, Rodrigo; Stehberg, JimmyDopamine receptor D3 deficiency results in chronic depression and anxietyBEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCHCiencias Biológicas
56Garfin, Dana Rose; Juth, Vanessa; Silver, Roxane Cohen; Javier Ugalde, Francisco; Linn, Heiko; Inostroza, ManuelA National Study of Health Care Service Utilization and Substance Use After the 2010 Chilean EarthquakePSYCHIATRIC SERVICESMedicina
57Leiva, Angel; Fuentes, Irma; Bossel, Esteban; Urzua, Marcela; Mendez, Maximiliano; Pino, Maximiliano; Radic, Deodato; Marquez, Valeria; Gonzalez-Nilo, Fernando D.Block Copolymers in the Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles. Two New Approaches: Copolymer Aggregates as Reductants and Stabilizers and Simultaneous Formation of Copolymer Aggregates and Gold NanoparticlesJOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRYCiencias Biológicas
58Ipinza, Francisco; Collao, Bernardo; Monsalva, Debbie; Bustamante, Victor H.; Luraschi, Roberto; Alegria-Arcos, Melissa; Almonacid, Daniel E.; Aguayo, Daniel; Calderon, Ivan L.; Gil, Fernando; Santiviago, Carlos A.; Morales, Eduardo H.; Calva, Edmundo; Saavedra, Claudia P.Participation of the Salmonella OmpD Porin in the Infection of RAW264.7 Macrophages and BALB/c MicePLOS ONECiencias Biológicas
59Linares-Flores, C.; Espinoza-Vergara, J.; Zagal, J. H.; Arratia-Perez, R.Reactivity trends of Fe phthalocyanines confined on graphite electrodes in terms of donor-acceptor intermolecular hardness: Linear versus volcano correlationsCHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERSCiencias Exactas
60Barros, Macarena; Saenz, Leonardo; Lapierre, Lisette; Nunez, Camila; Medina-Vogel, GonzaloHigh prevalence of pathogenic Leptospira in alien American mink (Neovison vison) in PatagoniaREVISTA CHILENA DE HISTORIA NATURALEcología y Recursos Naturales
61Gallardo, C.; Monras, J. P.; Plaza, D. O.; Collao, B.; Saona, L. A.; Duran-Toro, V.; Venegas, F. A.; Soto, C.; Ulloa, G.; Vasquez, C. C.; Bravo, D.; Perez-Donoso, J. M.Low-temperature biosynthesis of fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles (CdS) by oxidative stress resistant Antarctic bacteriaJOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
62Donoso-Tauda, Oscar; Jaque, Pablo; Elguero, Jose; Alkorta, IbonTraditional and Ion-Pair Halogen-Bonded Complexes Between Chlorine and Bromine Derivatives and a Nitrogen-Heterocyclic CarbeneJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY ACiencias Exactas
63Mena-Ulecia, Karel; Vergara-Jaque, Ariela; Poblete, Horacio; Tiznado, William; Caballero, JulioStudy of the Affinity between the Protein Kinase PKA and Peptide Substrates Derived from Kemptide Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations and MM/GBSAPLOS ONECiencias Exactas
64Canfora, Fabrizio; Correa, Francisco; Zanelli, JorgeExact multisoliton solutions in the four-dimensional Skyrme modelPHYSICAL REVIEW DCiencias Exactas
65Rodrigo, Cristian; Diaz, Juan; Gonzalez-Fernandez, AntonioOrigin of the Easter Submarine Alignment: morphology and structural lineamentsLATIN AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AQUATIC RESEARCHIngeniería
66Rodrigo, Cristian; Lara, Luis E.Plate tectonics and the origin of the Juan Fernandez Ridge: analysis of bathymetry and magnetic patternsLATIN AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AQUATIC RESEARCHIngeniería
67Mori, Tamami I.; Imanishi, Masatoshi; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Packham, Chris; Almeida, Cristina Ramos; Nikutta, Robert; Gonzalez-Martin, Omaira; Perlman, Eric; Saito, Yuriko; Levenson, Nancy A.Near- to mid-infrared imaging and spectroscopy of two buried AGNs of the nearby merging galaxy NGC 6240 with Subaru/IRCS plus AO and GTC/CanariCamPUBLICATIONS OF THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPANCiencias Exactas
68Sarmiento, Daniela; Montorfano, Ignacio; Caceres, Monica; Echeverria, Cesar; Fernandez, Ricardo; Cabello-Verrugio, Claudio; Cerda, Oscar; Tapia, Pablo; Simon, FelipeEndotoxin-induced vascular endothelial cell migration is dependent on TLR4/NF-kappa B pathway, NAD(P)H oxidase activation, and transient receptor potential melastatin 7 calcium channel activityINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
69Barbuy, B.; Chiappini, C.; Cantelli, E.; Depagne, E.; Pignatari, M.; Hirschi, R.; Cescutti, G.; Ortolani, S.; Hill, V.; Zoccali, M.; Minniti, D.; Trevisan, M.; Bica, E.; Gomez, A.High-resolution abundance analysis of red giants in the globular cluster NGC 6522ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICSCiencias Exactas
70Beamin, J. C.; Ivanov, V. D.; Bayo, A.; Muzic, K.; Boffin, H. M. J.; Allard, F.; Homeier, D.; Minniti, D.; Gromadzki, M.; Kurtev, R.; Lodieu, N.; Martin, E. L.; Mendez, R. A.Temperature constraints on the coldest brown dwarf known: WISE 0855-0714ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICSCiencias Exactas
71Nardocci, Gino; Navarro, Cristina; Cortes, Paula P.; Imarai, Monica; Montoya, Margarita; Valenzuela, Beatriz; Jara, Pablo; Acuna-Castillo, Claudio; Fernandez, RicardoNeuroendocrine mechanisms for immune system regulation during stress in fishFISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
72Canfora, Fabrizio; Giacomini, Alex; Pavluchenko, Sergey A.Cosmological dynamics in higher-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravityGENERAL RELATIVITY AND GRAVITATIONCiencias Exactas
73Munoz-Strale, Daniela; Leon, GabrielIdentification of two highly specific pollen promoters using transcriptomic dataPLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRYCiencias Biológicas
74Chirife, Andrea D.; Millan, JavierField Immobilization of Wood Mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) with Medetomidine and Ketamine and Antagonism with AtipamezoleJOURNAL OF WILDLIFE DISEASESEcología y Recursos Naturales
75Foley, Ryan J.; Fox, O. D.; McCully, C.; Phillips, M. M.; Sand, D. J.; Zheng, W.; Challis, P.; Filippenko, A. V.; Folatelli, G.; Hillebrandt, W.; Hsiao, E. Y.; Jha, S. W.; Kirshner, R. P.; Kromer, M.; Marion, G. H.; Nelson, M.; Pakmor, R.; Pignata, G.; Roepke, F. K.; Seitenzahl, I. R.; Silverman, J. M.; Skrutskie, M.; Stritzinger, M. D.Extensive HST ultraviolet spectra and multiwavelength observations of SN 2014J in M82 indicate reddening and circumstellar scattering by typical dustMONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETYCiencias Exactas
76Pinto, Mauricio P.; Dye, Wendy W.; Jacobsen, Britta M.; Horwitz, Kathryn B.Malignant stroma increases luminal breast cancer cell proliferation and angiogenesis through platelet-derived growth factor signalingBMC CANCERMedicina
77Arriagada, Gloria; Gifford, Robert J.Parvovirus-Derived Endogenous Viral Elements in Two South American Rodent GenomesJOURNAL OF VIROLOGYCiencias Biológicas
78Montorfano, Ignacio; Becerra, Alvaro; Cerro, Roberto; Echeverria, Cesar; Saez, Elizabeth; Gabriela Morales, Maria; Fernandez, Ricardo; Cabello-Verrugio, Claudio; Simon, FelipeOxidative stress mediates the conversion of endothelial cells into myofibroblasts via a TGF-beta 1 and TGF-beta 2-dependent pathwayLABORATORY INVESTIGATIONCiencias Biológicas/Medicina
79Barra, Pabla A.; Barraza, Luis F.; Jimenez, Veronica A.; Gavin, Jose A.; Alderete, Joel B.Drug-dendrimer supramolecular complexation studied from molecular dynamics simulations and NMR spectroscopySTRUCTURAL CHEMISTRYCiencias Exactas
80Fuentes, Eduardo N.; Zuloaga, Rodrigo; Antonio Valdes, Juan; Molina, Alfredo; Alvarez, MarcoSkeletal muscle plasticity induced by seasonal acclimatization involves IGF1 signaling: Implications in ribosomal biogenesis and protein synthesisCOMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY B-BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas
81Reyes-Bozo, Lorenzo; Higueras, Pablo; Godoy-Faundez, Alex; Sobarzo, Francisco; Saez-Navarrete, Cesar; Vasquez-Bestagno, Jorge; Herrera-Urbina, RonaldoAssessment of the floatability of chalcopyrite, molybdenite and pyrite using biosolids and their main components as collectors for greening the froth flotation of copper sulphide oresMINERALS ENGINEERINGIngeniería
82Salazar, Jose-Luis; Valdes-Gonzalez, Hector; Vyhmesiter, Eduardo; Cubillos, FranciscoModel predictive control of semiautogenous mills (sag)MINERALS ENGINEERINGIngeniería
83Aguilar, Rodrigo; Grandy, Rodrigo; Meza, Daniel; Sepulveda, Hugo; Pihan, Philippe; van Wijnen, Andre J.; Lian, Jane B.; Stein, Gary S.; Stein, Janet L.; Montecino, MartinA Functional N-terminal Domain in C/EBP beta-LAP* is Required for Interacting with SWI/SNF and to Repress Ric-8B Gene Transcription in OsteoblastsJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGYCiencias Biológicas/Medicina
84Poo-Munoz, Daniela A.; Escobar, Luis E.; Peterson, A. Townsend; Astorga, Francisca; Organ, John F.; Medina-Vogel, GonzaloGalictis cuja (Mammalia): An update of current knowledge and geographic distributionIHERINGIA SERIE ZOOLOGIAEcología y Recursos Naturales
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