Scholarships and Financing


Andrés Bello University has different scholarships for its doctoral students:

Tariff Scholarship

The grant program provides students accepted into a doctoral program, partial or total tariff scholarships, who must personally apply to the direction of the program. The scholarship percentage will be evaluated by the program, and must be renewed annually.

Delivery Term

Forms must be delivered to the address of the program for processing the signatures of the Director of the Program and Dean on Friday 15 January, 2021.

Academic Assistance Benefit

Academic Assistance, a monthly allowance covers the months from March 2021 until February 2022 or the corresponding months to complete the maximum permitted stay. This assignment must be renewed annually and may be extended for up to a maximum of 9 semesters of permanence in the program. To receive this benefit, the student must have his or her current enrollment for the 2021 academic year.


  1. Be a regular student of a UNAB PhD program.
  2. Begin to study at most, the 4th year in the Program.
  3. Not having any type of financing of similar or equivalent amounts, either through a labor contract, an honorarium contract, a scholarship benefit or payment per project.
  4. For programs accredited before the CNA, it is an obligation to apply to the CONICYT Contest of Scholarships for Doctoral Studies and the application must be admissible. Applications will not be accepted who have been out of bases. Proof of application must be attached to the form.

Delivery Term

The forms must be delivered to the Program Directorate for processing the signatures of the Program Director and Dean on Friday, January 15, 2021.

External scholarships

ANID Scholarship: Through this support, it seeks to contribute to the increase in the number of researchers and professionals of excellence with high preparation in all areas of knowledge for the development of Chile and their active participation in the globalized world. In addition, increase the number of doctors of excellence by executing efficient processes and generate public data about selected, scholarship holders and graduates. For more information visit the website HERE


Mirko Gómez
Academic Coordinator of Doctorates
[email protected]